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Assassin's Creed—North Korean Edition
A Chronical of North Korean assassination attempts

Note: the unsuccessful North Korean commando raid on the “Blue House” (the Republic of Korea’s presidential palace) to kill South Korean president, Park Chung-hee, on 17 January, 1968 was part of the DMZ War North Korea waged against South Korea and the USA from 1966–1969. The North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung sought to instigate a Communist revolution in South Korea while its protector the USA was preoccupied with the war in Vietnam. To that end NK sent numerous armed infiltrators and political agitators into the South, across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and by sea, to foment unrest and wage irregular warfare. South Korean casualties in the three year low intensity conflict were 299 killed and 550 wounded; United States casualties were 43 killed and 111 wounded. North Korean casualties were 397 killed, with 12 soldiers and 2,462 agents captured. Since this conflict took place during the height of the Vietnam War it has been rendered largely a footnote in history. Of course past is prologue, the Korean War never officially ended. There is only an armistice, a cease-fire agreement, that stopped the fighting of the original 1950-53 war in effect. There has never been a peace treaty between the two Koreas, or the USA and North Korea for that matter.

Hits and misses: Notable N. Korea assassinations or attempts

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Sam J.February 18, 2017 3:39 AM UTC

Those Koreans are crazy as fuck. I read an article I think by P. J. O'Rourke in "Holidays in Hell" about a riot he witnessed in South Korea between students and police. He said it was an all out fight with lots of blood and tear gas.

I knew a Sergent in the Air Force that worked on planes he said if maintenance didn't fix the planes to the pilot's satisfaction the pilot would beat the shit out of the mechanic.

I read another book about Vietnam where the author said that no one fucked with the Koreans that were there fighting with us as they would kill everyone around them if fired on.