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The Margaret Sanger Shot is Bumping up the Kills in Shitcago

Two-year-old Chicago Gang-Banger Shot Dead While Riding in Car. Another future gangster was shot and wounded in the womb.


Jeremy, that is how you have to shoot those Chicago hoodrats. Notice the female beastie at the bottom of the page, who took a bullet in the head and is still talking trash. This is why responsible hootrat hunters go for the center of mass or use their tag on a softheaded toddler.


A toddler and a 26-year-old man riding in a car were shot and killed in Chicago on Tuesday, the police department said, marking the second fatal shooting of a child in the city in a four-day period.

Three people were shot, two fatally, in Chicago on Feb. 14, 2017. (Credit: WGN)

The 2-year-old was sitting in a car driven by the child’s aunt and was shot in the head, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. The child was pronounced dead at a hospital. The man, who was in the passenger seat in front of the child, died at the scene and the woman was wounded.

The shooting was captured in a social media video that shows the three in a vehicle, listening to music, when 16 gunshots are heard. The woman runs from the vehicle screaming and yells that she has been shot in the stomach.

The woman, who is pregnant, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, and she and her unborn child are in stable condition, Guglielmi said. The 26-year-old man who died was a known gang member, he said. Police believe the man and woman were dating.

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