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The Gang Beat
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Missing Md. girl, 15, found slain near Va. park

Detectives identify 10 suspects in investigation

Latino Gangs, Primarily MS-13, are heavily invested in Montgomery County. I would not be surprised if this girl were killed at a gang function.



Remains found near a northern Virginia park have been identified as those of a missing 15-year-old Maryland girl.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said Monday that Damaris A. Reyes Rivas, of Gaithersburg, was found dead Saturday in a Springfield, Virginia, industrial park.

The death has been ruled a homicide, as investigators said the victim suffered trauma to the upper body. She was found near Lake Accotink Park.

Detectives have identified 10 suspects, four adults and six juveniles, who they believe are involved in Reyes Rivas' death. Nine suspects are in custody and have been charged with abduction and gang participation.

Montgomery County, Maryland, police said Reyes Rivas' mother reported her missing on Dec. 10.

Comment worth noting: African gangs running amok in Australia

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 13, 2017

Editor: From time to time we post comments we want to feature fearing you might miss them where they were posted. This is from a regular reader from Australia responding to a comment by ‘Lower Tones’ at this post.

You might also want to see my previous post this morning on the “dumb” Australian deal, here.

Fatherjon (emphasis is mine):

Lower Tones: You got it in one – cheap, compliant labour! Forget all the heart-wrenching, wrist-wringing emotive stuff about looking after our fellows in need, ‘it’s all about the economy, stupid’. That certainly seems to be the case in America. However we’re finding in Australia that most of our Middle Eastern and African migrant-refugees are still unemployed 5 years after arrival!

Australia too is being roiled by Leftist protesters demanding Middle Eastern and African refugees be admitted.

The less disingenuous ones admit that they didn’t come here to work, they expected that our much vaunted welfare system, based on the ‘cradle to grave’ theory, would give them a living wage and free housing, education and health for the rest of their lives. Nobody mentioned work back in the village!

Consequently when their teenager offspring find that the welfare system is actually not as salubrious as they expected, and that they only receive modest unemployment benefits, cheap housing in fairly run down suburbs and education in the least desirable schools, they turn to drugs and crime.

Melbourne is currently in a crime wave with African gangs of thugs running amok, robbing, raping and pillaging. The state government tries to pretend that it’s not happening, but few voters will agree as the Labor govt. will find out at the next election.

And, just yesterday we have corroboration of that as Sudanese youth gangs reportedly robbed and beat up Australian teens in a Melbourne suburb—Youth stampede at Caroline Springs, here. (Hat tip: Diana).

You can see why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is between a rock and a hard place on that Australian refugee deal with the US. Most voters in Australia don’t want more phony ‘refugees’ permitted on the mainland, while the usual Leftist ‘humanitarian’ agitators are pressing for the government to close offshore detention centers and bring those who tried to illegally reach Australia by boat to Australian towns and cities.

The globalists won’t admit it, but this drive for one (borderless) world (where labor flows freely!) is what has patriotic citizens everywhere wanting to throw the bums out!

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Sam J.February 18, 2017 3:45 AM GMT+4

"...Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is between a rock and a hard place on that Australian refugee deal with the US..."

We love you Aussies but we don't want damn people either. If Trunbull had any sense when Obama agreed to take them he should have put them on plane that day.