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Be My Valentine!
92-Year-Old Man Fatally Shoots 72-Year-Old Wife in South L.A. on Valentine’s Day

“The incident apparently began as a verbal argument between the man, 92, and his 72-year-old wife, officers said. At some point, the husband allegedly pulled out a shotgun and opened fire.”

He just a-let it all hang loose; He didn't think about the noose, He couldn't take no more abuse, So he shot down the congregation.

You can't talk to a man, With a shotgun in his hand… (“Smackwater Jack” – Carole King – “Tapestry” Album, 1971)

Goodness! Now the old dude faces spending the rest of his life in prison. I wonder if it was worth it?

Yeah, one notices that among many elderly couples who have been married for decades, they seldom spend much time in the same room together. Grandma is always in the kitchen and grandpa is always out in his workshop. One of those things that makes you go Hmmmm… Yep, you need to develop a hobby to stay married for so long, don’t you? LOL!

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