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Swedes Now Think That Camels are Sexy
By Andrew Ryan

See if you can top this one: the Swedish city of Gothenburg is building a camel park in the hope that it will create jobs for the mighty migrants:

Wait! There’s more. It gets “better.” The camel park is to be built in the migrant enclave suburb of “Angered.” What! I had to check that three times, but it is true: That is a suburb, a migrant one. I would hate to see what the cuck suburb of “Tolerance” would be like. Talk about predestination!

The idea is to create “low carbon” jobs in the area. Fuck, even climate change gets thrown in. By this time, I could barely control my bathos, so I didn’t, and ended up with indigestion, that was cured by a few cold beers. That led to yet more beer. Oh, then I got back to typing this, half drunk. Well, very drunk.

It seems that these libtard folk think that tourism will flourish because companies like Volvo, will photograph their products with the camels. But wasn’t that the role once played by sexy girls, now replaced by camel? Quick – tip down some more grog, it won’t hurt so much. As my Uncle Joe used to say before he shot himself, swallow down some more broken glass and razor blades.

Is this really how it is going to end, not with a bang, or even a whimper, but with surrealistic irrelevance? Sweden has died and what we are seeing is a zombiefied corpse going through the last stages of decay. The elites discovered to their squealing delight, that it only takes a few decades to bury a society, and only a little longer to wipe a people from the white board of history.

The supreme goal of human civilization comes down now to eliminating blond hair and blue eyes. Apparently, after that there won’t be any more carbon emissions, or whatever frog shit.

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jpnmovJuly 19, 2017 2:08 PM UTC

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