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Danny and her daughter disagree on diversity. Danny has seen so much black crime in her working class neighborhood she is poised to write off the entire race. Her daughter, a university educated resident in an upper class enclave, believes that blacks are no more likely to be violent than others. To her racism is the greatest evil on earth.

Despite this perspective wedge it seems that the conversations on this issue have born fruit. On virtually the same day both women had a sense that someone was behind them.

Danny looked and saw, from the sports car she was parking, that an innocent unarmed balck youth was walking very close to the drivers side of the vehicles parked on her side of the street, looking into the cars, in a neighborhood where car break-ins have happened to most residents. Ironically—and of course, with no causal link—these break-ins began almost exactly when black renters were moved into the eighborhood by a government resettlement plan. Coincidents will never cease to muddy the waters it seems.

Danny stopped pulling in and peered out her window at the young man, who stopped, turned around and headed back the way he came, which is always a sign that no good was intended by the person who does this. By the time she got out of her car this fellow was gone—gone like a flash.

Danny's daughter, tall and pretty, was walking through her upscale neighborhood when she sensed someone trailing her. Without looking around she darted into a retail outlet and called her husband for a lift. According to TV shows and advertisements all violent criminals and 110% of rapist are good-looking, well-spoken white men in ski-caps or hooded sweatshirts. If Danny's daughter feels better believing that the unseen person behind her fit the media description that's fine. And the fact that she didn't seek a visual description might have given her extra time to get out of danger and may also have prevented her from being shamed into victimhood. Many black criminals currently use a charge of racism as a verbal tool to shame their target into not taking evasive action. Keeping in mind her guilt-based sympathies for a demographic that produces 60% male criminals, it is a good thing she didn't take a peek like Mom did.

In any case, women are generally better at selecting out-of-place sounds and they should couple this sense with a willingness to act on that perception, as these two beauties did in avoiding the rampaging attack dogs of the State.

Thriving in Bad Places

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