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Jets' Darrelle Revis charged with felony assault in Pittsburgh altercation

Jeremy, this sounds like some black-on-black crime! Ten minutes?! These dudes were knocked into next week!

I can just envision the festivities:

"Come on, Yo, gib me ma shit back, you big-ass NFL somebody. I didn't mean notin' by it. Fo' real, Yo, I a fo' real nigga too! You fuckin' whit da South Side—"


After a ten minute trip through the tunnel of light-my-black-ass-da-fuck-up...

"Can you hear me, son?

"Can you here me?"

"Can you tell me where you are, where are you?"

Some white man who think he his white daddy is holding a light in his eye with one hand and moving his finger back and forth like it's a duck in a shooting gallery with his other hand.

"Is you serious, yo. Yo wan' me ta flex about bein' from South Side? Shid, affer dis I'll be sayin' I'm a cracker from Squirrel Hill. Oh ma Gawd dis shit hurt..."

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is facing five charges, including two counts of felony aggravated assault,stemming from his alleged role in an altercation that left a pair of Pittsburgh men unconscious last weekend.

Pittsburgh police on Thursday announced the pending charges against Revis,who is accused of fighting with two men when they approached the NFL star on the street and began filming him with a cell phone early Sunday, police said. The department's online docket later showed Revis has been charged.

In addition to the aggravated assault charges, Revis, 31, is also facing single counts each of robbery and conspiracy, both felonies, and making terroristic threats, a misdemeanor.

It wasn't clear Thursday night whether he has been arrested.

The alleged incident occurred at 2:43 a.m. Sunday when a 22-year-old male approached Revis, a Pittsburgh native,in the city's popular South Side neighborhood. The man recognized Revis, who confirmed his identity, and the man pulled out a cell phone to recordthe interaction and began following Revis down the street, according to police.

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