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‘Dig it Out’
A Classic Seated Strong-Arm Robbery

Mistake # 1:

The cabbie should have known when this negro said he was going to tip him well that this was a setup.

Mistake #2:

The cabbie did not take his seatbelt off when the car was stopped. Well yeah, it was really #1 chronologically.

Mistake #3:

There is no cage or shield separating the driver from his potential attacker.

Mistake #4:

At 1:29 the driver does not begin breaking fingers. Both hands should be used to snap a finger while the chin is forced down.

You get the idea. Since a cabbie is basically helpless beings seated with his back to the enemy, setting up the situation is really all that matters.

This may be against the law. But if you are driving an unknown person without a shield to your back, you should keep your seatbelt off and never turn the car off, keeping it in gear so that you can accelerate into a wall, a bus, whatever ruins this guy’s day and brings cops. This stupid negro choked the man out—you can even hear him snoring—and still kept threatening him!

This is an excellent study in the behavior of a strong-arm robbery of the melanin rich variety.

Numerous times this Negro threatened the fat man with death. That seems to mean nothing to most people, I suppose because they watch too much TV. But when a person threatens your life you should act accordingly.

Colin's commentary is excellent, with the exception that his advice seems always to be "run, rabbit run!"

What happens when there is no place left to run, or when running means leaving your source of income, leaving the only kind of area where you can afford to buy or rent?

For the reader who comes to this after the video has been deleted for being racist, the man in the back street looked like Evander Holyfield and got the driver to lean his head back between the seats to show him how to use the credit card pad and them got him in a sloppy rear choke.

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