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‘The Greatest Relationship in Sociology’
Guns, Gangs, Illegitimacy, Welfare: American Violence: The Future of a Catastrophe Stefan Molyneux on America’s Insanity

Chicago’s Murder Rate is up there with failed African States!

Baltimore has a higher murder rate than South Africa—yes!

The most important stat is the fact that virtually all gun violence is criminal-on-criminal, with Baltimore heading the list at 91%.

56% of Negro bucks in Baltimore are under the control of the Criminal Justice system.

Only 3% of reported crime is violent.

At this point, this presentation loses relevance concerning the individual’s condition in terms of aggressive threats. Also, only 3% of violent crimes result in incarceration.

According to my four-year study, from 1996 to 2000, roughly 73% of violence is not reported. FBI Supervisory Agent Tom Petrowski informed me that my numbers were kind of high for reportage, that police officers report at even lower rates because, as he stated, “When I was working the gang task force in Southern California, to file a report on all of the violence I was involved in on Monday, would have kept me at my desk from Tuesday through Friday.”

Injury reports are always far lower than the actual, as only those injuries requiring medical intervention are recorded and this is grossly misleading. Of course, virtually all crime results in psychological damage, none of which is accounted for by our purely materialistic society.

Stefan’s work—his reasoning over the statistics—on race and violence and drug crime here is far better than what I’ve seen from such as Taylor.

The fact that black male high school dropout rates of incarceration have increased from 1.4% in 1960 to 25.1% in 2000, and you know it has to be worse in 2017 is a huge indication that this is not about institutional racism, a true but past narrative that ceased applying to reality, at all, by the early 1990s.

Black murderers killed more blacks between 1965 and 1990 than America lost in Vietnam between 1964 and 75.

Stefan touches on black-on-black child abuse but has no clue as to how bad it is. This man, in his earlier career, stated repeatedly that a slap across the face is just as emotionally damaging as a slap across the butt, which is absolutely false. I do not think that he even imagines that most black mothers punch their children!

If you do not have time to read all of this, and you are one of those white nationalists who thinks that the vast majority of blacks are genetically programmed to attack, skip ahead to minute 37, where Stefan covers ground that Patrick Buchanan has clearly illuminated.

My absolute favorite stat comes at 42 minutes!

At 44 minutes we get the news that welfare was more destructive to society—and by a huge long shot—than WWII!

In a world of information where every graph of negative human achievement from ecology, to economy, to crime and family is a hockey stick graph, this one, in my mind, is the most important to the individual walking down the street of an American city.

Coming from an intact family is more important than going to college—try telling that to a feminist.

For the first time in the three years I have been following Stefan he has made a metaphysical argument that proximity to abstract state aggression [meaning it is not understood by most of its brainwashed victims as aggression] begets more tangible, personal aggression. Historians have long expected that history itself, the progress of nations, has a specific gravity and that it affects us all. Stefan’s argument would be understood by men such as Thucydides, Burry, and Durant, who never got to see the welfare state in action as the matured soul-eating beast it is.

Thriving in Bad Places

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