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‘His Creditors’
Mathew Pearson on the Run from Four Harsh Masters

Whether Mathew was sold to four men who had formed a single business, or had pulled their money to form a cooperative for his exploitation, or if he had actually borrowed money from THE BANK Of WE OWN YOUR IRISH ASS, is not known, but these savage speculators in human flesh and sweat sound mighty serious even across two-and-a-half centuries.

November 27, 1760

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, November 18, 1760.

RUN away last Sunday Night from his Creditors, in Kennet, Chester County, one Matthew Pearson, about 30 Years of Age, five Feet ten Inches high, is full faced, and well set:

Had on when he went away, a Beaver Hat, light coloured Wig, light coloured Cloth Coat, Snuff coloured Thickset Jacket and Breeches, blue Worsted Stockings, and Neats Leather Shoes;

he took with him a new knit Buff coloured Jacket Pattern, and a new Silver Watch, with an enamelled Face, a green Silk String, and a Pinchbeck Seal; the Maker Name, Williams, London.

Whoever takes up and secures said Matthew Pearson, so that his Creditors may have him again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by JOSEPH MUSGRAVE, STEPHEN ANDERSON, JOSEPH PEIRSON, OR WILLIAM WILLIAMS.

N.B. As he is lately from Ireland, it is supposed he will go there; all Masters of Vessels are forbid carrying him off at their Peril.

America in Chains

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