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Rwanda Rousey?
The BT-1100 Talent Search Finalist!

How on earth did Rwanda Rousey learn a drop-knee seoi-nage? The video is evidently from Angola, and it clearly shows why this throw is banned in junior competition.


After viewing this clip, Shep I'd have to conclude the following—and if Fatmanjudo, BarukK or other Judoko would like to throw in their comments I'd appreciate it, for this is out of my narrow-assed wheelhouse:

1. This is why big-ass black women in the U.S. are attacked by men less often than they attack men.

2. That if your culture has decreed that your woman moves the furniture, hauls the bananas, hauls the water and does all heavy labor while your lazy ass drinks, you might want to think twice about laying your hands on her. This is why white masters in the Old South rarely beat their own servants, but employed profession whipping men to handle their property, because after sitting a horse and chair your entire life, tussling with a lumberjack or field hand is not likely to be productive. I'm not getting off track here, Shep, the initial positioning for that throw [minus the falling spin that got her there, which was quite nice] when she is turned and under his hips, could just have easily been used to put him on her shoulders and carry him, something she probably does with children, baskets of bananas, sacks of yams, 10 gallon buckets of water, and maybe even his drunk ass when she's bringing him home from the bar.

3. Shep, these people obviously have YouTube, wherever they are. So as frightening as it seems, their might be an entire tribe of ebony feminists watching UFC training footage, planning on claiming refugee status and seeking out Dana White for a UFC contract. Hell, brother, the way my hips are acting, if I end up with a best seller I might bring one of these over to carry me around? Also, do you remember Sokaju [approximate spelling] a burly African specimen that fought pro MMA about five-10 years ago? He was a judo man, so someone is teaching it in Africa.

Seriously, this dude is lucky he's alive. That was a car accident. Imagine if she did that to him on a sidewalk? Also, in support of the argument that she is a trained practitioner, she knows how to revive this guy.

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FatmanjudoFebruary 19, 2017 9:42 PM UTC

It is a thing of beauty. Her partner needs some remedial work on break falls. Being able to properly hit the ground without injury is more useful than being able throw as there are always rocks, ice and other hazards waiting to face plant you. Hopefully not as dramatically as this guy though.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 19, 2017 4:12 PM UTC

Well done! A catastrophic failure in the victim selection process. Well a woman's biggest advantage, especially for a woman who is a trained martial artist, is always the element of surprise, isn't it? The expectation on the part of the male attacker that, as an average looking woman, she doesn't have any particular ability to resist a violent physical assault. Now if the male attacker was aware she was a trained fighter he would have no doubt have sucker-punched her or ganged up on her with others, as he would have with a male opponent. Like what happened to the Judo Bronze Medalist from Belgium who was sucker-punched and mugged on the beach in Rio de Janeiro during this last summer's Olympic Games. Now there is no evidence that the Brazilian mugger knew the Belgian man was a Judo champion, but one must suppose that since is the Judoka is an athletic looking young man the mugger must have calculated that his intended victim stood at least a 50-50 chance of fighting back decisively, if given the chance that is. So the mugger didn't give the man that chance. Not like with Rwanda Rousey's attacker here.
ShepFebruary 19, 2017 2:22 PM UTC

James, as usual, you make real good points. The early boxers and martial artists got all their "functional movement training" from heavy labor, which would include a lot of hip-hinge and rotation movements. I had not thought about the availability of YouTube training videos, which our homegrown streetfighters (BTs and otherwise) certainly don't seem to have made much productive use of.

So maybe this violent vixen is just a natural physical genius/diamond in the rough...BUT...upon further review I saw more evidence of training. Her initial "push-off" of the guy was more than just a push. She was attempting an inside trip which the Japanese call o-uchi-gari. It failed because she didn't fully commit, and the guy stumble-stepped over her tripping foot and came back for more. But my new favorite girl used this as a setup for the finisher, and used the guy's momentum against him in classic judo fashion. IMHO, you could look around a long, long time before you would see this combination done any better—in high-level competition or in the street.

I think the answer to our conundrum lies in the Marvel Comics world, where the superhero known as the Black Panther comes from a secret super-civilization of African martial artists. Judo Jane is obviously some kind of runaway from the hidden city of Wakanda, on her way to New York to sign up with the Avengers.
BaruchKFebruary 19, 2017 1:36 PM UTC

Perfect timing, great form!

I have to give the guy props, too. He's semi-conscious, moving his mouth, doesn't seem to be freshly missing any teeth. A normal person would be done after that concrete dive.