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Another Example of How the Blacks Saved English



My Good Shepherd, it would behoove thee to recognize the brother for his efforts, by extolling flat earth theory, to suffer the slings and arrows of the media—to selflessly do his part to save a single word!

Do you realize, sir, that I would not have heard the word flat this week if not for this broadcast?

Since the advent of breast implants and their wide availability and the fact they can be purchased on credit,—not to mention the rampant obesity rates in America—we are in danger of having the word FLAT fall from our vocabulary!

Here's to the good old days, Shep, when some girls were so flat that it drove a man to question the missionary position, and hence, the meaning of the wider universe.

Let us say a philological prayer for Kyrie Irving, may he rest upon the sweet lily pad of repose that floats upon the untroubled waters of his mind...

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ShepFebruary 20, 2017 9:33 PM UTC