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‘The White Death’
Iraq: A Decade of Hell by Stefan Molyneux

“The first war is the war on truth, after that is the war on flesh.”

Stefan is one of our only modern philosophical orators. I like him far less as a Trump advocate and have been mining his earlier work, of a quality he seems to be poised to return to after his recent panicked partisan spasm of political involvement.

360 million dollars went missing in Afghanistan and 380 tons of explosives went missing in Iraq.

11 billion dollars went missing in Iraq and Dubai?

The obscene non-mention of U.S. contractor deaths, which come close to active duty deaths, is astonishing.

The 30% rate of mental health issues suffered by veterans is in line with Grossman’s analysis of the Marshall study.

This single video does more to discredit America’s phony war on terror than anything I’ve seen thus far. That America took an old style military client state and blatantly reshaped it into a terrorist farm to provide the globalists with a never ending Orwellian war, and did it in plain view, and that Americans failed to see it then and now is an illustration that the number of Americans both awake and aware is at such a low rate that a global sate is going to see little resistance from most Americans.

Under the God of Things

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