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‘Big’ Rick Brentwood
Filthy Few Character Sketch: 1 of 6

‘Big’ Rick Brentwood is 6’6”, 360 pounds, with a red—grey-streaked beard and shaven head. He has twin thunderbolts tattooed on both sides of his neck, a swastika tattooed on his left temple, crossed hammers tattooed on his right temple and ‘fuck you’ tattooed across the knuckles of each hand, from right to left.

Big Rick has been jailed for numerous moving violations, imprisoned for three years on four different counts of assault stemming from road rage incidents, was jailed for driving without a valid driver’s license, driving without insurance and contempt of court and has not been a licensed motorist since 1990.

Big Rick has had numerous convictions for such nuisance crimes as standing on a highway overpass and slinging used condoms at motorists, standing on street corners and spitting lungers on wind shields, knocking off the rearview mirrors of moving cars, tearing off the wind shield wipers of parked cars and ripping license plates off of pizza delivery cars. His most obscene offense was entering an upscale nightclub and urinating on occupied tables in the VIP section.

Big Rick is the figurehead of the Aryan Hammers, an all but defunct skinhead street gang who used to make a living operating a protection racket that targeted punk and heavy metal bands.

At age 50, Rick is doing three 15 year terms for hospitalizing a civilian and disabling two on duty police officers in front of a produce stand in the Strip District in Pittsburg, PA. The incident apparently stemmed from an argument over a French fry sandwich. He has since racked up additional time assaulting fellow inmates and guards.

Currently held at: Allenwood U.S. Prison, White Deer, Pennsylvania

Race: Caucasian

Faith: Neo-Nordic Paganism

Addictions: Alcohol, cocaine [powder only]

Medical conditions: Type-2 Diabetes

Limitations: Cannot operate vehicles or heavy machinery without becoming enraged and has an extreme aversion to obeying authority figures.

Physical condition: moderately active and obese

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