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Whirlwinds of Chaos
A Meditation By Eirik Bloodaxe

While fuckin’ around on the net I ended up following a metaphor of chaos and whirlwinds and found some sweet lyrics. I am not a great one for poetry, but a good scotch in hand will help.

Here is one take on this theme that I found on the Christian survivalist site Survival blog (

Whirlwinds of Chaos

Embrace the whirlwinds of chaos

Winds of undying destruction

The will to crush and conquer

Far greater than the fear of death/failure

Harness the fire of hatred (controlled burn)

To forge paths unknown

From your path of defiance

The ultimate fruits of labor are born….

The new dawn approaches.

It has a nice kind of Nietzschean flavor to it, but I doubt that the author intended that.

Then I found some badass lyric “Whirlwinds of Chaotic Carnage,”


from the album Fatal Power of Death (2013), by the death metal ban Beyond, Iron Bonehead productions. What is there not to like about that? Anyway, the track seems to be called just plain “Whirlwinds”:

Spewn forth the winds of wrath

Monument of unknown craft

Evoken a storm of a vast degree

Scenarios of horror you will see

Purification of this earth

Population has no worth

Obscure vortex to devastate

(This is) World's ghastly horrid fate

Change and answer they emphasize

This world raped before your eyes

Storms will strike so relentless

Embrace demise so helpless

Watch as this doomed world collapses

Foolishness of man it traps

Abyss on this planet brought

Within vortex of death (you're) caught.

I would concur with the apocalyptic sentiments thus expressed, and even bang my head in acknowledgement of that post-truth.

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