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The Empire of Evil Strikes Back
By Andrew Ryan

If you thought that you had seen the full extent of the evil of the Deep, Dark State during the 2016 US elections, think again. The orcs, goblins, and demons are just getting started, angered by their small setback.

According to the New York Post

(, Obama has set up a “shadow government” in a bunker less than two miles from the White House, and has an army of agitators, numbering at least 30,000, working to bring Trump down. Already the Obama shadows worked to destroy former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, using waves of damaging stories, before details about Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was revealed: All of this was a message from the Deep State that they can, and will destroy Trump, starting by cutting off the limbs; Flynn is a symbols of their renewed viciousness: Trump has yet to grasp the extent of what he faces, and that he needs to seriously deal with Obama, rather than being in fear that the undermen might cause trouble. They have, and will anyway.

Messages have also been delivered by the chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, John “Pizza” Podesta

(, who writing in The Washington Post, said that Trump lies “flagrantly,” but is now attempting to undermine the authority of news sources, like, well, those who publish his stuff and support Hillary. Podesta’s leaked emails, the one’s with all the weird stuff in them, reveal many layers of collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign, so manipulation apparently doesn’t matter if the globalist elites do it: Investigate him Don.

The second chilling message to Trump came from former CIA and 2016, third-party presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, who raced to Twitter and CNN, to defend rogue intelligence agents who break the law and reveal classified information because Trump “presents a threat to the country’:

Regarding these leakers, clearly it is time for Trump to dust off treason charges, and to start handing them out, as Mike Adams well argued:

Organisations committing treason can be punished by having their assets ceased and by being wound up. As the Adams article clearly shows, The New York Times published a piece “Trump Campaign Aides had Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence”

(, but the article presents no evidence of this, and in fact has a sentence contradicting the main thesis: “the officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.” The FBI found no evidence of any such collusion. If this is not false news, what is? Well, it is part of the psycho-political warfare to bring Trump down.

Although explicitly addressed to the Left, rather than the wider camp of globalists, Kurt Schlicher, “The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly,” at, has fundamental insights. Schlicher is right in noting that our political opponents do not want to argue with us in a spirit of the pursuit of truth and respect for diversity of opinion, but are at war with us, and seek only to destroy us, kill us if necessary. Their goal is to make any country opposing the globalist ideology of open borders and free-flowing finance, “ungovernable”: The meme of “ungovernable” has become their thing:

The hope is no doubt for Civil War II (, fueled by economic collapse

( a battle which they think they will win.

Think again.

Trump went somewhat on the offence in calling the media the “enemy of the American people,” the day after his press conference where he openly attacked the press for their dishonesty. But he has a long way to go in the realization of what evil he faces. He needs to set up a special office to deal explicitly with these issues, and to map out strategies of resistance. In particular, he needs to continue directly addressing the American people about what they now face.

This is the battle to the finish.

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ShepFebruary 22, 2017 5:06 PM UTC

I nominate Sheriff David Clarke to head up the "Special Office".