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Just Lie Down and Think of England!
By Andrew Ryan

It’s cuck Australia all over. With an epidemic of house breakings here in Victoria, the state that prohibits even the ownership of swords, and says that people have no right to self-defense, the Victorian police are alarmed that people, in terror, are buying baseball bats to defend themselves from those who bash pregnant women with hammers:

The police have said that people who think that they can protect themselves are wrong, because they can’t, presumably only the police, armed with their guns can do that:

Knife attackers are shot:

But, it is too bad if the police cannot get to you in time, which is all the time. At least your lack of resistance makes it easier to fill out the police reports in mop up time.

Fortunately, common sense is prevailing, and while the cuck population did not fight to preserve gun rights, or even sword rights, they are at least buying up baseball bats before these zombie tools, too, are banned. Myself, I would prefer a mattock handle for added heft, or even an axe handle, as they “sail through the air better,” as one aging bikie put it to me when discussing this at the pub. I trust his judgment as he wore the scars from a lifetime of melee battles, a Viking out of time, in a world of pullets.

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ShepFebruary 20, 2017 8:35 PM UTC

Andrew, is any of the info here helpful for our Ozzie brothers?