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French Toast
By William Rapier

“The life of man upon earth is a warfare, and his days are like the days of a hireling.”

-Job 7:1-2

France is in flames, as the latest wave of race riots sweeps this Third World Republic. I mean that literally after reading Steve Sailer’s piece, “Le Grand Remplacement” (“The Great Replacement”), at France is rapidly being transformed into a non-white Third World country.

Sailer attempts to give some estimations of this, as the French government thinks that it is racist to keep ascertain ethnoracial statistics and data, contrary to the spirit of la République. First, a 2016 survey of French teens had 25.5 percent identifying as Muslim. Second, sickle-cell anemia is now the most common genetic disease in France. This disease arises primarily in people from the Caribbean, Black Africa and North Africa, as an evolutionary adaptation to malaria. The percentages of newborns tested in France are; 2005:25.6 percent; 2010: 31.5 percent; 2015: 38.9 percent. In Paris the percentage is 73.4 percent. Thus, it is reasonable to suppose that Third World young are rapidly approaching the 50 percent line, and as the demographic wedge moves through the population, will become a majority in less than two decades. France will then be majority Muslim, and fall into sharia law. The nuclear weapons will be in their hands. Guess which country gets nuked first?

Is this too extreme? The rioters, comprising Antifa, and migrants and refugees (chanting “Allahu Akbar”:, seem to have as their goal, to loot, burn and smash everything in their path, in the rage of les enfant terribles. Even Asian tourist were not safe: a busload of Korean nationals were attacked, robbed and assaulted, leading to the Korean embassy in Paris issuing an official warning for its national to stay away from the suburb of St. Denis:

The rioting is all because one of their tribe was allegedly sexually assaulted by a police officer, but it is probably true that today, any excuse for a good old race riot, is a good old excuse. If it turned out to be the case that the police did not assault the black (which seems unlikely), not a single one of the rioters would apologise: gee, we were wrong, I better pay for what I broke.

For whites, an assault on an individual would never be a reason to conduct tribal warfare, because, for better or for worse, whites have been detribalised. Yet, if the whole non-white world tribalizes, those who do not will be picked off as individuals, and organisations championing universalism, will be seen as part of the problem, and turned on. That is why there is safety in numbers in groups such as prison gangs, and gangs in the bigger prison of modern society. The phenomenon is known as the “parable of the tribes,” and is a refutation of universalism, if it needs one now:; Andrew Schmookler, The Parable of the Tribes: The Problem of Power in Social Evolution, (SUNY Press, Albany, 1994),

If this is what the rioters do now, burn France to the ground, after an assault of one member of their tribe, what will France, and the West be like, when the rioters are the majority? What happens when TSHTF big time, say from the inevitable economic crash from all the contradictions of the financial system? Have the immigration-mad elites thought about the economic consequences of what the collapse of civilisation will do to their profit margins? Or, are the elites now world weary, tired of owning the universe, and seek oblivion at the hands of Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, destruction and doomsday.

Thriving in Bad Places

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