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The Real 'White Privilege'
Progressives: the New Race Realists


A fascinating blog entry. The Progressive Left is reverting to the position it held on race a hundred years ago.


The central issue on race confronting our society is the academic achievement gap between blacks  and whites. It is as unmovable as the Rock of Gibraltar. Nothing is able to teach blacks in the aggregate to perform as well as whites in academic disciplines. It appears the real “white privilege” is genetic cognitive ability. Just as blacks appear to have a genetic advantage in running and jumping sports. Although whites have an easier time competing against blacks in sports than blacks have in competing against whites and Asians is academics.


The dispute between Left and Right is what to do about this gap as a matter of public policy. Should the black-white achievement gap  just be accepted as a fact of life and everyone be allowed to compete freely and equally without outside assistance or should “affirmative action” programs be maintained in perpetuity to compensate for the racial differences in cognitive performance?


The Progressive Left is willing to accept black dominance in certain sports as natural and right and not something that needs to be “fixed”, but not white and Asian dominance in academics, engineering, business and the sciences. They have returned to seeing blacks as a group that must be cared for as wards of the state.


This brings us to another likely bone of contention: when the “national divorce” between Left and Right occurs, who is going to be forced to take custody of the ”children of color”?


Jeremy, first, I was wondering if you think I could help the cause with my How the Blacks Saved English work?

Secondly, you know these paternalistic nerds are going to maintain their savage pets in as much style as possible by recommending state subsidies for low IQ blacks, to which I'd like to quote my only sharecropper friend, Israel Flood, "He da dumbest white man I eva knowed!"


PS: And let us not forget the huge performance deficit in boxing, which heavily favors whites and Latinos in weight classes below 147 and above 154. I hear Jermain right now, "Can you all help a brother out! Good Gawd, what do they feed these Russians?"

Progressives: the New Race Realists


You awaken tomorrow to the following headline : "100% of Scientists accept cognitive differences between ethnic groups. Politicians Baffled."


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Jeremy BenthamFebruary 22, 2017 2:51 AM UTC

Hmmm...Could your "How the Blacks Saved English" series help to improve black academic achievement? Well James something like that has been attempted already. As you may recall the powers-that-be in charge of public instruction in many black majority cities already tried teaching academic subjects to blacks using Ebonics rather than Standard English. That didn't work to improve the test scores of black students either. Even when the black students were taught in a vernacular they supposedly understood without difficulty, they still failed the examinations at the end of the course. There's the rub. Nothing that has been tried has worked and educators are finally being forced to face the possibility that there is nothing that will. Of course nobody wants to be the first to admit that and face the inevitable shit-storm of public protest that will ensue.