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Soon All Will Have a “Brazilian”
By William Rapier

With all the excitement as the wildlife burns down France, we should not forget the anarchy that gripped Brazil, that symbol of multiracial/multicultural harmony. A six-day strike by police in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, apparently in 30 cities, saw over 120 people killed, with the troops eventually called in to patrol the streets: The dead were mainly from drug-dealing related activities, meaning that the boys from Brazil used their time wisely to do their spring cleaning.

Other reports say that the violence went beyond ethnic drug cleansing, with people running mad in the streets wielding machetes and thugs using people on the streets for target practice. Piles of corpses littered the streets: A great holiday destination as you can see:

Apparently a deal has now been cut, and things are now heading back from anarchy to the normal chaos:

The lesson here, is not so much as having guns ‘n’ ammo, and being prepared, but just not fuckin’ being there: when the cats are away, the mangy rats will play.

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