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All You Need is, Not Love,
But Testosterone By Eirik Bloodaxe

There is something of a broad emerging consensus among the diverse groups and free-wheeling thinkers, going under the umbrella term “Alt Right,” that the key to dealing with the multitude of problems facing us – whether it be the financial/money question, race realities, immigration, feminism, etc. – is that there needs to be strong manly people to seek solutions and to fight for them. But manhood, along with other virtues of our civilisation, has been undermined.

Many see the destruction of manhood in purely socio-political terms, and of course, at a minimum, there is in this, much truth. But, as Roosh, a microbiologist, argues in his article “The Decline in Testosterone is Destroying the Basis of Masculinity,”, there is probably an underlying biochemical explanation for the rise of leftism and general cuckoldry, or what we may now call, “cuckism.”

There is a worldwide crash in both male sperm counts and testosterone levels, with testosterone levels falling by about 17 percent from 1987 to 2004, about 1.2 percent per year, and sperm counts are falling by about 1.9 percent each year. The standard which constitutes “normal’ has been lowered, for otherwise up to 50 percent of men would have low sperm counts.

This crash in maleness is probably caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals, found almost everywhere in modern consumerism, such as plastics, and in foods. Thus, Leftism, may well be for many men, a spin-off of bio-chemical pollution.

Roosh suggests that a ban on these chemicals needs to be made, but progress on this will be difficult because the chemicals serve so well the interests of the elites: if endocrine disrupting chemicals did not exist, they simply would have to be invented.

The best one can do is attempt to minimize expose too these chemicals, eat organic food and possibly investigate methods of chelation therapy to see if the toxins can be removed. It is not easy being a man, and soon it may well be impossible.

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LazerFebruary 23, 2017 10:40 PM UTC

I got my T levels tested once at 832ng/dl. Avg in America is 400ng/dl. I took two cold showers a day for a month before the test.

These toxins are the worst because they are in everything. They also have effects intergenerationally. That means that even if your fine, your kid may be messed up after the fetus is exposed in the womb. You wont know about this effect until sometimes 30 years until after the child is born.
Sam J.February 21, 2017 4:25 PM UTC

BaruchK reference to the Orthodox and Blacks diet for me shows it isn't diet.

"...He lives in an environment designed to castrate him..."

I believe it's like muscles and exercise. These days Manly behavior is not only not needed. It's considered toxic and attacked. No Manly behavior exercise, (socially speaking not mechanically speaking exercise), and you get...less testosterone. Why produce all these expensive chemicals when the body doesn't need them?

A whole other subject is should Men waste their time Manning up for Women who want 2.2 kids and a divorce? And who are they to tell Men to Man up if they're also not willing to slack up on their criticism of Men?
BaruchKFebruary 21, 2017 3:54 PM UTC

The alternative is that the Rockefeller Foundation's extensive research into molecular biology (with an eye towards social engineering) has had this kind of practical application, as SidVic suggests.

Aside from my reasoning below, I don't think that this is how they operate. They were quite above-ground with the introduction of mass hormonal birth control. It's much simpler that way.
BaruchKFebruary 21, 2017 3:19 PM UTC

I don't think there's an environmental or dietary explanation.

Orthodox Jews in America don't seem to have lowered fertility. Neither do the ones in Israel. The "Ultra-Orthodox" (I hate the term, but you know what I mean-the black hats) have more kids than anyone else. And they eat the same processed crap, maybe more-healthy food is expensive, especially when you're feeding a big family, and cooking is a hard chore when the woman is also working. Their meat comes from the same stock pens.

Black people (in general) eat total crap, yet have higher serum testosterone than whites and don't seem to have any relative fertility issues as a population (judging by abortion rates.)

The people with the lowest fertility (and probably testosterone) are the hipsters and yuppies, who are eating the organic stuff sold at whole foods, drinking from BPA-free plastic bottles, worrying about toxic invisible chemical demons contaminating their precious bodily fluids.

I think that the explanation lies partly in obesity, driven by cheap and delicious food and ubiquitous marketing for that food (watch tv for 30 minutes and tell me you don't get hungry,) to be consumed constantly, at meals and between meals as snacks. Every farmer knows that overweight livestock have fertility problems. And the other part is what James mentioned about the drop in serum testosterone USMC recruits experience at the beginning of their training. Uncertainty, distress, lack of control, alienation, fear all have an effect, and the average American male gets plenty of all that. He lives in an environment designed to castrate him.
SidVicFebruary 21, 2017 10:38 AM UTC

After the horrific devastation of world wars 1 and 2 a small cabal of technologists/biologists implemented a program to infiltrate the environment with estrogen analogs. This has resulted in 70 yrs of relative peace, less hairy chests, and more man boobs.