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Thomas Haggerty Runs Again
And James Old Would Have Him Back Again

Haggerty first ran away soon after his purchase on October 30, 1760, 18 months later he is worth slightly less, indicating some time has been added to his term of service.

May 6, 1762

The Pennsylvania Gazette

April 22, 1762.

RUN away from Speedwell Forge, Alias Hoover (about 14 Miles North of Lancaster) A Servant Man, named Thomas Haggerty, born in Ireland, speaks bad English, is of a middle Size, abut 25 Years of Age, wears his own fair Hair, tied:

Had on when he run away, a lightish coloured Frock made Coat, with green Lining, blue Camblet Jacket, Buckskin Breeches, grey Worsted Stockings, new Shoes, carved Steel Buckles, Check Shirt, and an English Castor Hat. Said Servant run away about the 19th Instant, and it is likely may change his Name. [1]

Whoever apprehends said Servant, and secures him in any Goal, so as the Owner may have him again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by the Subscriber, at said Forge, or David Caldwell, Merchant in Philadelphia. JAMES OLD.


Since Thomas has run once, he was apparently caught living under an assumed name. henceforth, why should consider any notice that a runaway might change their name as evidence that they had run once before under an alias.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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