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Virtual Lifeboat
An Alternative Literary Site

Now that our readership has expanded two-fold in seven months, I have some concerns:

1. That I will be discovered and shutdown by the Orthodoxarchy

2. That the historic and fiction content is going to "get lost in the avalanche of content" as Charles refers to his handcrafted vessel which he had envisioned accommodating one article a week, but instead surpasses a hundred.

3. The content is so vast, with it being used as a news and op/ed site and also to build over a dozen books at a time, that is no longer the place to send a potential reader, reviewer or publisher interested in my catalog of books.

Lynn Lockhart offered to remedy this situation by setting up the following blog:

We intend to publish one piece a week at the BlogSpot, a piece which will be requested by Lynn to fill whatever vision she has for the BlogSpot for the following week. Some of my fiction and history work will be published at the BlogSpot, to which a link will be posted on this site, under that book tag. For starters, the new novel Sold, will have Thomas Hellier's story thread posted there, with Jeffy's and Ned's story threads posted here. I also expect Night Song of the Nords to be posted at the BlogSpot.

Thank you, Lynn.

Catch Lynn and me at

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Sam J.February 23, 2017 6:36 PM UTC

At the risk of displeasing the violent wretched one you still don't have a prominent BOOKS BY JAMES LAFOND link prominently, top of page, in the way of everything, can't miss, on your page.

Someone who just viewed an article of yours would have no idea you write books.

The link should got to a page with all your books listed and a short description of each book.

Great idea about the site.
KoanicFebruary 22, 2017 11:21 AM UTC

Please clarify in a future post whether the blogspot site will merely duplicate a subset of your content, or host exclusive content.

So that readers may know whether they must follow the blogspot also to avoid missing out.

I doubt that I will remember to check back here for replies.
responds:February 22, 2017 12:45 PM UTC

Will do.

We won't duplicate content but keep threads together with links.