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Apolitical or Asshole?
'James, Are You Really Anti-American, Really?'

Two of my fighters and three of my coworkers have asked me this question since the Great Divisive Election—the American Schism if you will.

One of the things I like about our readership is the agreement to disagree, which makes me de facto part of the "Alternative-Right." This I do not like, because in my political heart—which I only give voice to in fiction—I view even white nationalists as whining liberals. I tolerate this Rightist designation for the very simple reason that people on the liberal, bleeding-heart Left are operating from a feminine axis and are incapable, fundamentally, of agreeing to disagree. I believe this is fundamental to the human condition and that we, meaning members of civilized societies of the West, are doomed to live along an increasingly feminine axis for two reasons:

1. In modern, civilized societies women outnumber men, and hence a democratic-republican model of government will naturally result in a consensus based, safety-first, feminist society.

2. Civilization feminizes men on the chemical level. Look around you at the 20-year-old men of today, pear-shaped behemoths to narrow-shouldered twerps.

I see it as a done deal until something occurs to plunge us back into barbarism, which is the natural cycle of our kind—this far—a cycle that the feminist construct seeks to break.

I see my place as a chronicler of this process and a historian of the overall cycle, in that I am writing for my grandsons.

I regard myself as dead, or rather undead, a husk. I have no more ambition to fight, fuck, make money, coach, organize, network or make money or make money or make money...

I regard myself as someone hanging round for the good of my kin, fighters and friends, who I always assist when they ask.

I do not think I have—as someone who has quit living as our society defines it—a moral right to participate in politics. I further think that such participation would muddy my judgment and make me a less accurate documentarian of our critical decline.

I know it seems bizarre that I seem to trumpet Trump, who stands for making America great again, when I myself decry America as evil.

I like Trump—despite having always disliked him and continuing to dislike him—out of respect for challenging the vast beast that shall probably devour him—which will eat even the memory of him and cough it up as a lie. I also value Trump as possibly the most important historical figure in American history since Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, I believe in my heart and in my mind, that America is and has always been evil, in that it is a vehicle for proxy aggression, a massive emotionally bound social construct that permits disgusting little faggots and shrill whores to tell real men how to live—The State ultimately permits the dysgenic waste of humanity to not only apply monstrous force to those few surviving human souls, but also contrive their diminishment. I only prefer America to all other evil nations—and all nations are fundamentally evil beyond redemption—because I have loved ones in the land claimed by that evil beast.

No, I am not a Libertarian who believes the State is evil because it is an instrument of aggression, I'm a simple human being who knows that the State is evil because it puts power in the hands of spiritually powerless people, making of all worm-like creatures such as Tolkien's ring wraiths, utterly corrupted by contact with power beyond their ken—only our voter wraiths are worse than Tolkien's Nazgul, for they all believe themselves engaged in a greater good. At least Sauron's boys knew they were the bad guys.

Yes, I am superstitious, to a far greater degree than I will normally admit.

Yes, I am, by common definition, an asshole, and I like our current president solely on the grounds that he is nearly the perfect asshole.

And yes, I am apolitical—though I have had to check my conscience and resist voting for the lesser of two evils, otherwise I would not be able to continue writing commentary on current events without feeling like a hypocrite, which to a writer is far worse than being one.

In the meantime, I mean no disrespect to our many conservative and Right wing readers, when I write such heartfelt sympathies as, "I wish the Wicked Witch of the Left would have won the election so that I could see Russian and U.S. aviators downing each other over Syria," or "If I had a time machine I'd shoot Washington in the head while the signatories of your sacred documents burned to death in the room he locked them into to hammer out the details of my domestication."

Jeremy, thank you so much for all your work, and for representing the American patriots who come to this site despite the ungrateful asshole whose slave name is blazed across the header.

To hell with peace, give War a try—but do it civilly, please, for I much prefer a ringside seat.

Thank you all—even the guy that's going to take his 'like' down off of the facebook page.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.February 23, 2017 6:44 PM UTC

"...I also value Trump as possibly the most important historical figure in American history since Abraham Lincoln..."

I think this is really true depending on how Trump plays things. If he ever backs off they will drown him. He has no hope unless he presses them to where either they or he wins.

James you're like the Grinch. You may be evil but we don't think you're all bad.
LynnFebruary 23, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

James in charge of a studio full of hipsterettes in tank tops and leggings? Hang on to your chakras, girls!

Jeremy, I appreciate your news items but I really love your commentary!
responds:February 24, 2017 5:03 PM UTC

Wait, I just blew this idea off—are they really wearing tank tops!

Jeremy, my hip is cured!

This is magic, thank you Lynn.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 22, 2017 4:40 PM UTC

“Conservatives adapt to the world they live in. Leftists want to change the world to suit themselves.” - John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.

“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.” - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“Survival Cancels Programing” - Ted Cassidy as Ruk the Android, “What Little Girls Are Made Of”, Star Trek.

James, you’ve just identified a major difference between the Right and the Left. Contrary to the Left promoted stereotype, we Right-wingers are actually more capable of being able to accept and appreciate people and things for what they are, rather than what we might wish they were. Unlike Leftists, we Right-wingers don’t feel compelled to change the whole world to suit us. Thus we Alt-Right-wingers tend to appreciate you for the contrary, Darwinist cave-man you are. We would simply know enough not to put you out of your element, and say, place you in charge of the Louvre, where you would chop up the Mona Lisa for firewood. Now the Left on the other hand would insist that a fringe person like you be put in charge of something important like the Louvre. We Right-wing Conservatives would insist that this was a really bad idea, because you would chop up the Mona Lisa and goodness knows what other priceless art treasures. Nevertheless the Left would refuse to listen to us and accuse us of being mean-spirited just for stating the facts of the matter. “Well even if James said he would chop up the Mona Lisa, I‘m sure he didn’t really mean it, once he’s in the room with her he’ll see how beautiful she is.” ”Besides”, the Left would say, “he needs a better life and a better job than he has now, he can’t possibly be happy getting hit in the head every day like he does at his boxing gym.” So the Left would put you in charge of the Louvre where you’d promptly chop up and burn the Mona Lisa and nobody would be happy with the outcome. But naturally the Left would try to blame the mess on the Right. “What did you do to him you evil Right-wingers? Somebody must have done something to James as a child that he would act like this today.” “Well maybe so”, the Right would retort, “but we didn’t do it to him and we weren’t the dumb-asses who put an unmanageable misfit like him in charge of the Louvre either! He was doing fine as a boxing and stick-fighting coach and writing his fringe literature. You should have left him there.” So then the Left would make you a yoga instructor, or something else where they’d imagine you couldn’t do too much damage. They wouldn’t let you go back to boxing and stick–fighting, that’s for sure, but you’d set up an underground fight club in the yoga studio anyway.
responds:February 23, 2017 10:24 AM UTC

I meant it, JB, I'd chop her up, mustache and all!

Thank you for the analysis and defaulting to the better angels of my nature.