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That Attack On Betsy DeVos
A Civil War Now Update from Jeremy Bentham

“This tells us that the Democrats plan to not only elect a new people, but use homosexuals, Muslims, and immigrants as the violent vanguard of their terrorist revolution."

“Key points about the attack: First, the head of the protective detail, a black man, apparently did not re-evaluate the new threats to the new Secretary and proceeded as though he was on an ordinary escort mission.”

“Of course, most minor Cabinet officials face no real threats. Few people want to kill the HHS Secretary or the Secretary of Commerce. The DOD, Attorney General, or DHS Secretaries, maybe—but the Education Secretary? Unlikely, until the election of Donald J. Trump and the consequent Leftist tantrum. Apparently the head of the protective detail at DOE had not paid attention to Democrat Party rhetoric that says it’s OK to punch Nazis, and all whites and Republicans are Nazis. And by punch, they mean assassinate.”

“Second, the reaction of the protective detail head was to allow DeVos to be intimidated and assaulted. He allowed attackers to get within touching distance, which is a major failing for a protective detail.”

Fed Failure: What That Attack On Betsy DeVos Says About Civil War II

By Federale

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BobMarch 15, 2017 7:21 AM UTC

Going by its historical record, one would imagine that sayanim within the NSA and CIA have fed the ADL files pertaining to "domestic threats" (ADL detractors, in other words).
Sam J.February 24, 2017 12:04 AM UTC

"...the protective detail head was to allow DeVos to be intimidated and assaulted..."

We need to do to the Left what they do to us. The Left would arrest every damn one of these people. White Nationalist have for decades been set up, arrested and many killed if they resisted the State in any way. Not aggressively just refused to quit complaining. We need to separate out the aggressive ones and jail them. Maybe use them as informants. Notice Trump publicly stated he was going to stop all investigations of White Nationalist groups because he said they weren't doing anything wrong. I really liked that.

Prince was driven out of his company Blackwater(or I believe XE Services at the time) by the State department and bankers. So guess (((who))) was responsible for that. They looted it from him, as usual. Paid him a little bit of nothing by telling him he would lose ALL contracts. All.

Prince is very likely to be a old school patriot. His family was massively rich and he joined the Seals. Old school like the British used to be, service and all that. Now it's no secret that the story told by the US gov. about 9-11 is a big fat lie as building #7's ridiculous fall as fast as a rock from fires on 3 or 4 floors. Ridiculous. He surely knows this and he knows probably "everybody" or at least everybody that counts in the Defense Dept. especially the spookier parts. Maybe he lost his company because he was in the process of doing something about it. I don't know. Could be him and a bunch of Generals got to Trump and laid it out. I don't know that either.

A speculation. I've heard that the CIA is about 50% Jewish. I don't know this for a fact but it wouldn't surprise me a bit. Jews can just join or be appointede to the CIA. As all Jewish organizations eventually become obscenely corrupt so the CIA has. Kiddy raping, drug smuggling, gun running, blackmailing, there's a vast amount of evidence that says every one of these is true. So the Jews want their enemies killed. No better way to do it than kill lots of Americans, lie to them and let their kids die in stupid wars for the Jews. They do so but not every one is in on this or approves. Like...the DIA. These guys may have some Jews running things at the top but all the ones below are heritage soldiers. You can't just be appointed to the DIA. They come from the military and we know the Jews are not going to waste their time in the military. Excluding B. They've been watching. They can surely see the same things that a big dufus like me can. The problem is the Jews run the Congress, the press and they got all the money. But if Trump is in with the DIA and heritage guys. OOOOPPSSS oh fuck. Hence the CIA and press (((same bunch))) attacking Trump. If Trump doesn't prevail they will crush him and us. The Jews are responsible for the death of 65 million in Russia. I don't think they can pull it off here but they might think so. The only way they would be able to do so is mass electrical service sabotage, mass biological warfare and mass killing far in excess of even Russia. The problem with all these is the opportunities for it to all go to shit are EXTREMELY high. If they do all this and the Whites fight back and they don't kill off the Whites really, really fast then they could and probably would face complete extermination, or as Hitler would say Annihilation.
ShepFebruary 22, 2017 4:49 PM UTC

Her brother is waiting in the wings. For what, I do not know.

My guess is that Prince is the reason she was hired as SecEd over highly-regarded educators, such as the President of Hillsdale College.