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40 No-Go Zones in Tiny Holland?
The Truth about Immigration and Crime in the Netherlands

Stefan treats us to a view of out of whack crime stats from Holland, where—surprise—people of color commit drastically more crime than palefaces!

Mister Molyneux, the standard rate of underreporting for violent crime in Baltimore, Maryland is currently five unreported acts for every reported act. From there the reported crime gets massaged down as much as the number-juking police may be able to manage. This is up from 3-to-1 in the 1980s. The trend is that when an urban area becomes more violent, the cops have to selectively patrol in areas where they have community support, increasing underreported crime.

Why bring in people known to have high rates of crime?

The government wants criminals as a form of job security. Since war is largely off the table as a continuous activity that the state can engage in and citizens are notably ineffective at, the sate defaults to policing to make work. Bringing in criminals is a must do activity for a state which has an increasingly non-belligerent population. For a smart guy, Stefan is so far off the mark—with accurate information in hand—that I’m wondering if this is an act.

Governments are good at only one thing, which is that thing they were originally set up to do, projection of force—aggression and counter-aggression. That is it. The entire skill set of government, of things that states can do better than individuals, families clans and tribes. It is astonishing that a libertarian suggests using government to help people?

Stefan also believes that Muslim immigrants do not have the chance to succeed in a nation which lacks the will to resist them. Western nations are helping Third World savages succeed, by opening up their nations to be plundered.

The salient aspect of libertarian and also Alternative Right thinking, is the inability to understand aggression, illustrated by the Trump administration’s inability to protect its appointees from thugs. It is astonishing that someone who uses the term “force” as a cornerstone of his philosophical arguments does not understand aggression, but then again he agrees that rights exist.

By the time the Dreaming West awakens, the Hypnotic East will have clamped its slathering jaws on its soft throat.

Under the God of Things

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