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Deer attacks man after he rescued it from coyote trap

Footage has emerged of a deer hitting a man after he released it from a coyote trap in Ohio, USA. The footage, shot on Saturday, shows the man petting the deer's head when the animal launches at him and hits him with its feet. "[I] was checking coyote traps with my cousin and came up on a deer caught in a trap," he wrote online. "After very carefully removing the deer from the trap, he then out of no where decided to come after me." "Hit me a few times in the chest and on top of my head. Knocking me to the ground," he added.

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BaruchKFebruary 23, 2017 4:34 PM UTC

The dude in the first video made a mistake by trying to be a nice guy. I'd be sharpening my shechita knife. If a deer's not smart enough to stay out of coyote traps, it belongs in my freezer. Just better for the species as a whole.

His old lady just sat there and filmed him getting stomped by the deer. Amazing. You'd think she'd have a gun on her or something.