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‘The Cancer of the Human Race’
No Campus for White Men with Stefan Molyneux and Scott Greer

That cancer is white men, and according to Scott, things like capitalism and Christianity are regarded as evil because they are traditionally associated with white people!

White people are evil.

I am so glad that this is the case, that my decades of casting whitey spells upon the oppressed have succeeded in permeating universities across this great festering nation with my affliction.

Fear me lawn jockey!

Chico, it’s about time we got back to the days when your shirt had a permanent stain between the shoulder blades.

Ackmed, welcome aboard—would you like pork roast, sausage or bacon for lunch?

Never fear, Whitey is here!

I feel like Sauron, and that feels better than Gandalf let on...

Enjoy the scam.

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