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‘No Small Beer’
RUSSIA’S HOOLIGAN ARMY (BBC Documentary, 2017) With Additional Video Links

Vasilly “The Killer”and the Russian football hooligans, man for man, would defeat America’s NFL teams in gang fights. I savored the whimpering of the sissy reporter as he decried the celebration of the Russian man’s violent racial identity. Don’t expect these guys to put up with Middle Eastern and African immigrants.

At 15:00 he lets the reporter know what’s what.

“The current state of today’s English hooligans is the same as your western culture and civilisation, I mean deeply in the garbage bin.”

So says the hooligan Chief in a very considered and informed vein, a man with five children and the nature to fight for them. The whimpering whites of the west may go without a peep into the gathering night, but as long as there is Russia there will be real white men.

At 16:50, in a drinking den, the wall has a picture of Obama and the Old Hag of Germany, with a notice that they will not be served there.

Any real human barbarian should watch this BBC documentary on a subject they are ill-equipped to understand, but are nevertheless driven to attempt explaining, gawking teary eyed at a place that will not embrace multiculturalism and the men that will sweep the streets clean of sissy invaders even as we in the Dreaming West look for yet another rabbit warren in which to hide from those we dare not face. The funniest thing is these Russian hooligans miss mourn the fall of English working class culture.

In the end this is an uplifting journey into a masculine culture invented on the ground by a people waking up from the drugs, sloth and alcohol that keep a man down in the spirit.

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BobApril 4, 2017 10:07 PM GMT+4

Ethnic Russians aren't able to speak out against Islamification without risking jail time. Putin's real objective seems more to keep the old multi-cultural USSR alive. East Asian and Caucasian immigrant crime in traditionally Russian regions goes under-reported and tolerated by the authorities.
Bart ManeyFebruary 28, 2017 12:32 AM GMT+4

Ha. I've been in contact with the masked hooligan known as Denis since 2014.
Mesc FranklinFebruary 26, 2017 9:52 PM GMT+4

All these white men fighting each other while muslims rape european women..Sports/Bro/chav culture takes what non-bourgeois masculinity there is and funnels it off into useless and non state threatening endeavors..kinda like the post war American conservative movement.
responds:February 27, 2017 1:01 PM GMT+4

This is a good point.

But keep in mind that the State would side with the Muslims in most cases. These guys have enough trouble arranging for their own private fights without getting jailed.

European American culture is based on the death of the masculine. At least these meatheads are keeping manhood alive rather then getting gunned down for harming sacred immigrants. That is in most of Europe. However, I saw a half dozen videos of Russians messing up Islamic immigrants. I think this is their training for that, as Russia might be one of the only places where one will not be shot or jailed for defending against Islamic immigrants.
ShepFebruary 26, 2017 9:38 PM GMT+4

I just wish these guys would point themselves in the right direction. If these "firms" would go after the invading ragheads the way they go after each other, they could save their culture and ensure a future for their children.
responds:February 27, 2017 1:04 PM GMT+4

My thinking is that for Eastern Europeans this is training for street fights against Muslims. I have seen some. They have an ancestral antagonism with these people and some of their governments might be prone to look the other way, even though they may not be willing to go to war with the U.S. over slaughtering Muslims. So they can let the Hooligans drive out the Muslims.

imagine if Hungarian or Polish military of police gunned down Muslims—there would be a call for U.S. peace keepers on the ground.
Hugh MaguireFebruary 25, 2017 1:35 PM GMT+4

Vassiliy was awesome, that weak ass reporter is like a different species, how can he possibly interpret the behavior of predators.

The best line was:

"When we are good no one remembers us, when we are bad no one can forget us."
Hugh MaguireFebruary 25, 2017 10:56 AM GMT+4

Mark Dyal has written extensively about Hooligan/Ultra culture in Rome. Its worth a read.

They aren't actually fighting over sports, they are using sports as a vehicle to fracture and divide into tribes, to create enemies. A man must have enemies to test himself against. They view violence as a liberating/strengthening force ( which it obviously is). They hijack a bourgeois western institution ( sports) and use it as their vehicle for escape from a bourgeois existence. Brilliant.
responds:February 25, 2017 2:10 PM GMT+4

I was really impressed with the Russians especially the lead man Vassily. After the 8-on-8 fight, while the reporter was decrying the barbarity of it all, the opponents hugged each other—totally lost on the neutered reporter.
JFebruary 24, 2017 5:18 PM GMT+4

There's something about hooliganism, at least as portrayed here...

The back half of that video (and there are plenty other uploads on youtube) showed me that there is something missing in my life. It's just so fucking gentle and nice and proper.
responds:February 25, 2017 2:12 PM GMT+4

Thanks J, I'll find some more uploads and repost. this is a really important video and not for the reasons the BBC imagined.
ShepFebruary 24, 2017 3:30 PM GMT+4

Aaaaannnddd...They took it down. "Sorry about that!" they chirp.
Sam J.February 24, 2017 6:34 AM GMT+4

"...“The current state of today’s English hooligans is the same as your western culture and civilisation, I mean deeply in the garbage bin.”

... as long as there is Russia there will be real white men..."

Ha. These people are idiots. I'm very respectful of Men fighting for their countries, to protect their families, their neighborhoods but for soccer??? They're idiots. Look at what the chief idiot says,"...but Hooliganism has given me principles and courage...". Well there you go. This motherfucker is so stupid that fighting at sports events has given him a life. How fucked can your life be that a "higher calling" is to ambush a bunch of drunken English sports fans and kick them in head until they go into a coma? What if they came to the US and did that and "surprise, surprise" they all got shot? Would they still be manly? Would they be brave or just stupid? If it's ok to ambush fans that are not asking for a fight to the death is it just as ok to machine gun down the Russian Hooligans? What if the , brave Russians, decide to come back to England or France and the next time the English fans are waiting for them with baseball bats and buck knives?

Another quote from the fighter they interview,"...we're done with the silly fandom where you sit ion a bar drinking beer and then beat up whoever...". I can see he sees this is stupid so his answer is to not drink beer and beat up whoever. Huge improvement. Lots of gold stars.

Fuck him and fuck the English drunken Chads. This whole group acts like Niggers. Just like Niggers. Gang attacks. Random stupidity. Maybe you people don't see my point. In England their girls are being raped by Muslims and they're getting drunk and fighting random sports fans. In Russia the Muslims are taking over. Yes I know there's a video or two with them fighting back but it's a severe problem in Russia also. Same in the US where Negroids are raping Women and attacking everyone. You want to be a fighter. Fight them. Attack the Muslims raping girls and the same with the Negroids. I'm not against violence but I am against pointless MUH DICK violence. If you're going to be violent then pick a worthy target. Those that prey on others. That's what it's about. Not random stupidity.

It just came to me that the guys I respect are the Guardian Angels. Now that's some good violent, Excellent, brave kick ass MEN. I think James said they were banned. Well no doubt can't have MEN in the damn city. Can't have an honorable decent outlet for the young Men to test themselves against the evil bullies and criminals.

Thank God I don't watch sports. About the only sports I like to watch is Ninja Warrior,Olympic sports and motocross. Maybe a few things like that. I really don't even watch them as I've mostly given up on TV altogether. I mostly watch it when someone else is and most of it is shit. All these Negroids running around on a field while spitting on the flag and cursing White boys don't interest me.