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On the Corrupt Who Rule Us
Ron West Discloses the Ingredients of the Special Sauce

Hello folks,

This one is just too ugly to put in a mail:

Thus, the optional link -

Ron West

"The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime" -Voltaire

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Sam J.February 25, 2017 4:46 AM UTC

The Franklin Scandal In-Depth Article - By: Nick Bryant

Nick's book is good. It's much more detailed than the original Franklin scandal book.

I don't think Jeff Sessions is crooked. At least not in the kiddy diddling way. One reason is he's the major reason that immigration reform didn't happen. IR is probably the Jews and the deep States most important policy. When I sat IR in reality it means mass immigration in astounding numbers to swamp the White vote. Have you see the video where there's a lie of people meeting Biden and Sessions granddaughter is in the line and Biden puts his hands on her. Wow, Sessions pulls his hand of and immediately ushers her away from him. I searched and here it is,

If Sessions doesn't bust a bunch of them you will have been proven correct as their ass is hanging out and there's lots of info out there.

This whole business is really horrible and evil.