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The Great Seasons
Red Ice Radio - Robert Felix - The Coming Ice Age

Does it shock anyone that the news media and politicians all believe in global warming, yet our top climate scientists are telling us we are on the cusp of a new ice age?

In the middle of the last small ice age a man named Galileo suggested that the sun did not revolve around the earth but that the earth revolved around the sun. He was, of course, censured by the orthodox establishment of the time. In light of this, is it surprising that our current orthodoxy believes that humans are so powerful that we can cancel out the sun?

This Red Ice Radio is a nice introduction to the subject. However the best documentary on the subject is the Great Global Warming Swindle linked at the bottom of the page.

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Sam J.February 25, 2017 6:41 PM UTC

I've read two of Robert Felix's books. Ice Age Now and the Evolutionary Leaps. He gives a great deal of evidence for magnetic fields shifting and at the same time volcanos seem to start mass eruptions. He doesn't give a mechanism for why this happens though and I've thought about it and can't come up with one. They're both good books.

The Sun does connect with the Earth in magnetic portals. We don't know what this is about or I sure don't. Could it be part of the answer??? Don't know.

I have a crackpot theory of how Ice Ages begin and end. There's satellites that watch the Sun. This guy was looking at them and realized that after one rotation of the Sun he saw an identical, mountain range??? large accumulation of matter??? The Suns outside is hotter than the inside by a LOT. So he got the idea that lighter elements were floating on the Sun's surface like slag on top of welds and large electrostatic fields built up, separated by the slag as an insulator. Flares in this scenario are flash overs of electric fields equalizing the surface.

So here's my crackpot theory. So what if slag builds up and slowly chokes off the heat of the Sun causing an Ice Age. Then after 90,000 years or so the charge builds up so high that there's a massive solar flare that when started breaks up all the slag in a huge super solar storm. It would also account for the massive melting of the ice sheets in North America. Could be that this would happen all at once so that only one side of the Earth was effected. Or not at all if the flare went in a direction away from Earth.