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Leftists To Self-Castrate To Protest Trump?
This is Your Genitalia—This is Your Genitalia on Drugs

"As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!”

- Galatians 5:12 (NIV)


  These Leftist activists are clearly insane! Perilously so. As Anonymous Conservative observes, they are so anxious and triggered by the mere thought of God-Emperor Trump that they are seriously considering acting out in bizarre and self-destructive ways in an effort to find relief for their ennui. Of course, this is the kind of mentality that threatens self-harm to get attention and to bully others into letting them have their way. Such behavior has probably worked well for these individuals in the past. Once they say they feel like hurting themselves or that they wish they were dead, everyone else around them drops whatever they are doing and minsters to them. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Such passive-aggressive behavior is all too common among whites these days. It doesn’t appear to be quite so common among people of color.


Anyway, like the Apostle Paul said: go for it.

“This is a unique proposition, in that it both, holds the prospect of being some type of “solution” to the issue of making themselves heard and maybe empowering them, and it is highly distracting. When you think about holding your penis in public, with a straight razor against the base of it, you are not thinking about all the triggering ideas your brain has evolved to melt down in response to.”

“This is so perfectly crafted, I almost wonder if Heartiste and Roosh are somewhere in the background, pushing this meme for the lulz.”

“Either way, as the amygdala burn reaches a peak over the next six months or so, expect to see weird behavior begin to erupt on the left. I only hope the surveillance state has as much surveillance on the left as they have on the right, because one likely outlet for that weirdness will be terrorist attacks on every facet of the right.”

Yeah, get ready, ‘cause here it comes!


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