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Where's the Rope?
Innocent grandma sucker-punched by deli thief dies of injuries

  Check out the surveillance video at NY Post. The dindu strong-arm robber punched the old lady for no reason. Just because she was standing in front of him when he charged out the door of the deli. He just attacked from the march, as they would say.

FYI: battery to an elderly person (65 and over) is a felony in most states. The theory being that  an old person is more likely to suffer crippling or fatal injury from a punch to the head. As in this sad case. Old people are also as a rule less mobile, less able to avoid a blow and less physically capable of fighting back; therefore, because of the their vulnerability the elderly are given special consideration under the law in that the punishments for attacking them are more severe. Not that any such considerations matter to dindu restitution recovery agents these days.

“An elderly woman who was sucker punched by a career criminal while standing outside a New York deli has died, four months after the attack. Eve Gentillon, 69, succumbed to her injuries Friday in Queens Hospital. Her cause of death was a result of “traumatic brain injury caused by blunt force trauma,” according to the New York Post. Gentillon, a retired home health aide and a grandmother of two who was on her way to a church meeting, was felled by a left hook from a man who stormed out of the Sutphin King Deli in Jamaica, N.Y. after stealing a can of beer. When she fell, she struck her head on the sidewalk, which resulted in a brain aneurysm.”  Shocking moment crook cold-cocks grandma


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ShepFebruary 27, 2017 8:13 PM UTC

Blood Eagle.