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Big Rob and Billy Flipstein

"I went to Patapsco High. It wasn't that bad—not a real violent school. Most of the people were cool. A couple fights. It wasn't like today [1] with most white guys being total pussies and the others feeling obligated to attack pussies.

"There was this one dude who was huge, Big Rob, over six and half feet and thick. [2] Big Rob comes into the boys room and pushes this little Filipino dude, who we called Billy Flipstien—a real little dude—into a sink and puts up his hands to fight—a total dickhead move. Well, Billy jumps up—has to jump just to get to Rob's jaw—doing a superman punch and cracks him between the chin and the hinge, 'Crack!' It didn't put him down, but set him back. Just another example of the fact that all you have to do is stand your ground and most assholes disappear—just like Big Rob, backing away, mumbling, rubbing his stupid jaw."

-Steevo Bristol


1. This was the Class of 2004 in Dundalk, Baltimore County, Maryland.

2. According to liberal whites, criminal blacks and law enforcement—who all share the same criminal ethos—this is a "child" and innocent baby boy with no agency.

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