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Crossing the Line
Tribal Ethics Among Urban Palefaces

Today I was at a high-end coffee shop in a well-heeled area. An old lady sat behind me. Next to my date and I sat three fat nerds talking about nerd stuff. The old lady got up, went to them and told them that they were being too loud and to please keep it down. They respected that.

I told her, "In only one society on earth would that effort of hers be greeted with violence. All men of my age would have respected that as youths. Most black gangbangers in their late twenties would have been chastised—most gangsters of any type would have respected her request.

Only among female blacks from age 35 down and among all blacks from age 25 down do we see universal expressions of violent antagonism against anyone except for strong, quiet white men. Only that mythical beast, the unemotional white man, stays the hands of these violent savages. Most white identity people will tell you that all of this is genetic. If that is the case, how come black men my age did not disrespect women and adults as a rule when they were teens? This is an obvious behavior adaptation to the welfare state and the false matriarchy it spawned.

This is a female thing.

Earlier, when driving, she noted the very rude behavior of the black motorist cutting in front of her, wearing a hate-filled mask of rudeness where a human would have had a face.

I regaled her with a crackpot tirade:

"That is the portrairt of a doomed people, of the least survivable race in human history. Indians were polite up until the moment they decided to kill you—gunfighters too. That's why the Old West was not nearly as violent as our cities, contrary to the false myths we are fed. Because people tend to be polite in lethal company. It is a survival mechanism that the black American population has unlearned. They have made one overarching behavioral adaptation that has served them very well in this very specific and unsustainable society: they have learned to intimidate soft, denatured, fearful, sissy white people—they prey on the most degenerate race ever coddled in a sheepfold of souls. They are a purely parasitic social organism, which must follow the fleeing white rabbits and feast on their fright and what it leaves for the taking. You are a woman, so have not experienced what I have experienced hundreds of times—threatening, scowling, armed, mob strength negroes, quaking in fear for but one reason, a single, skinny, unafraid white man who did not blink. I swear I've melted a thousand negro souls with these eyes. I'm not the only Negro wrangler out there. But they'll all tell you the same thing. Respect the few humans among their ranks and merely be unapologetically white to frighten the rest. That is why it is now against the law and against the news to be unapologetically white. In Jamestown the plantation owners hired Indians to catch and intimidate their white slaves. A man got in trouble with the Governor because his dog barked at an Indian. These thugs are our prison guards just the same. It's blasphemy not to fear blacks in our world. How sick is that?"

I get so sick of writing about race, but I write about violent crime, and in my hometown and in every other hometown in this sissy country, virtually all violence against white people is committed by blacks. When you are the target population that's kind of hard to ignore. Unfortunately, our society has set blacks over us as a predator population just as it once set cops over blacks as a predator population. When will the cops pile directly on? For now it's bad enough that they prevent us from protecting ourselves. My main objection to white racists since my boyhood is their insistence that blacks are super soldiers, super athletes, some master race of combatant that can only be kept in line through some oppressive State machinery. That is the talk of sissies, of moral babies suckling on the tits of the police state who wish to be freed of the honor of protecting their own.

Black Americans do not have a monopoly on abject cowardice and feral ferocity. Their mean degeneracy and shameful emasculation has been engineered primarily by the degeneration and emasculation of the white race they follow like a toddler follows its mother. The greatest danger to the negro wrangler of today is that these thug degenerates are now so conditioned to the fear of whites, even of white cops, that many have developed no intuition and will dumbly blunder on, attacking white people until they attack the wrong one, and then the sissy sirens of the world will unite to cry for vengeance on behalf of that little chyle who was about to enroll in Harvard as soon as he learned how to pull up his pants...

Just as a reminder that whites, like all humans, fall into the trap of coward-fed aggression, which, among children is called bullying, here is a story from Steevo Bristol, who grew up in the 1990s in the working class white neighborhood of Saint Helena. The Saint Helena kids had a rivalry with the blacks of Turner Station. In Saint Helena the blacks and the cops were the enemies and the locals policed themselves like so...

"We all used to hang out on the street and nobody liked a bully. I was out there with Matty. At this time we're running drugs. Heck, we'd been involved in shootings. But this was long past the day when we'd fuck with the cops. We were sixteen—getting close on going to Big Boy Jail and tried to keep everything cool. Matty was a tough dude. Him and I were out there on the street—you know half of us had been picked on by parents and cops and Yo-boys—so we weren't about to condone that shit among our own. There was a group of five or six thirteen to fourteen-year-olds picking on Andy, who was a retarded dude, had it pretty bad. We didn't have a lot of ethics—did some pretty cruddy shit—but you never picked on little kids, old people or retards. That shit was just wrong. Hitting Andy, that was crossing the line.

"Well I said something, 'Hey, knock it off. Don't pick on 'im.'

And this douchebag slaps Andy. Dude, Matty walked up to that guy, turned him around to face him and smashed his fist into his right eye. Then, while the punk was falling, he grabbed his head and used it to dent in the fender of a car. Of course, we weren't good kids, didn't give a shit about the fender. But what was right was right. That is gone today. The white kids today are all pussies and the black kids are either pussies or punks. And punks are just pussies that haven't fucked with the wrong dude. The problem is—the big problem—is there aren't enough wrong dudes out there to fuck with, because the cops are all about coming down on the man who's still standing. What else are you going to do but stay inside and play video games? I stay at my place, play with my kids and tell them that if anybody messes with them at school they have the right to defend themselves—which I realize will mean my kids will be getting suspended from school. What are you gonna do? Schools are so violent today because good kids aren't allowed to defend themselves."

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.February 27, 2017 4:30 PM GMT+4

Just to be contrary. I think that even I can't blame the rise of professional police forces on Jews. Probably the rich did this.
Sam J.February 27, 2017 3:36 AM GMT+4

"...My main objection to white racists since my boyhood is their insistence that blacks are super soldiers, super athletes, some master race of combatant that can only be kept in line through some oppressive State machinery..."

I think you're wrong. I think they fear the State and being thrown in jail with hoards of Negros where there's no opportunity to defend yourself at all if things get out of hand. You yourself have said the same thing. Remember when you said if you killed someone and were taken into the police station you would find the lightest weight person you could find and jump on them? Now your reaction is a bit wharped compared to most people's whose idea is to avoid being there in the first place but I'm guessing you would jump on the little guy so you wouldn't be put in the general population. You also must admit that you don't care about the future at all and that others that do might have a different reaction. Their reaction is perfectly rational under the system we live under. The general White kid thinks of being jail just EXACTLY like you thought of that little asshole cop that you just mentioned. Why didn't you attack the cop? Because it would be stupid. You couldn't win. The cards were stacked against you. Getting a few hits on the Black guy is not worth going to jail. They aren't worth fighting. I believe this is sorting itself out. I think that Whites fighting back are much less likely to be considered the "criminal" that asked for a fight. It's not there yet but it's getting there. Now when this attitude is the general attitude, that you have the right to defend yourself, will you then say that Whites have all of sudden gotten heart? I'm betting Whites will start fighting back. My point being they never lost it. They just weighed the odds and found no profit in wrangling around on the ground with Negros while their buddies tried to stomp their heads into the pavement.

"...Schools are so violent today because good kids aren't allowed to defend themselves."

I agree with this completely and it amplifies the point I'm trying to make. When I was in middle school if you got in a fight they would take you into the gym and put the gloves on both and then let you go at each other and I saw once where they just let them fight with fist.
responds:February 27, 2017 12:56 PM GMT+4

Sam, what white men fear, being thrown in jail, was engineered by white men agreeing to hand over law enforcement and defense to large police forces instead of sherriffs backed by citizens. I am not saying this was a surrender but a seduction. the rich white man seduced the poor white man into chasing the pot of gold with guarantees that law would be upheld by specialists. Specialization is the death of culture as is materialism. they go together here. Look into the late 1800s and you will see a Physical culture" counter current. But the main current was the picture of the narrow shouldered pot bellied suited man who demanded quality. Merchandise. I'm sure you can find evidence of your favorite people involved with this.