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The Anubis Project
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This past Friday night at 9:30 a lady offered to give me a ride to work if I would accompany her to the CVS drug store in Towson, an area deep in the County, surrounded by 350K row homes and a half mile from mansions. Still, she's a woman and she has sense, has had close calls with Dindus lately.

At 11:00 I stayed in her car while she went inside. She was parked three spaces from the front door. Next to me was parked an expensive late model SUV. In the back seat was a kid watching a movie on a ceiling screen. The mother, a pale-skinned Islamic woman, sat in the passenger seat in full regalia, her big eyes regarding something with suspicion to the right.

A greasy looking black man—nearly as black as the black jeans, black hoodie, small black string backpack and black ski cap he wore—was headed across the southwest corner of the lot toward the front door. This woman was frightened and breathed a sigh of relief as her burly, Greek-looking husband widely walked out past the suspect Dindu, who recoiled from the burly body language a little and hid furtively behind the entrance pillar.

As the immigrant family pulled off, the suspect began to lurk, skulk, slink, like some giant, biped weasel, peeking in the windows and doors, trying to see if anyone was checking out. He alternately looked over his shoulders as if he were about to do something wrong.

He looked Somali, but was wearing a ski cap so I couldn't get the shape of his head right. I have known many Ghana boys and Nigerians and he doesn't fit the image I'm used to. Perhaps he is Liberian.

I got out of the car and walked right up to him with my right hand over my knife but obviously open. he took one sideways look at me and backed. I then leaned against the pillar, which caused him to dart toward my hands once against with his beady eyes. he then slunk off like a jackal and that is when I realized what he reminded me of, Anubis, the Jackal-Headed god of Egypt.

This creep then crossed the street to another store, 120 yards off and staked that out as furtively as he had this one, glancing at me every five seconds—I counted. He did this six times as I counted his intervals. Then my friend emerged from the store and I told her the good news that I think Anubis had landed, that the first of the 1,100 Somali refugees that our former Mullatress mayor requested roughly a year ago had come to town.

I can tell you three things for sure:

This guy is from out of town

He is a practiced criminal

He is darker than 99% of black Baltimoreans by at least two shades.

I'll make it my business to be in the lookout for this one and the ones like him that I suspect to find in his wake. I might as well call it The Anubis Project. He certainly was a sleek looking devil, about 5'11" 140.

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Sam J.August 3, 2017 4:54 AM UTC

If anyone cares here's the Anubis at Denver International Airport.

There's obviously some kind of NWO, nuclear, biological nightmare shelter or something at the Denver International Airport.

We don't have too long before we find out. 35 years max. The reason is computers are getting smart enough for human intelligence in probably 10 years. That's right in 10 years a laptop will have the same power as a human brain or close too it. So then the elites kill off most humans with a plague of some sort. Of course what will really happen is the computers will become smarter than the elites and off them. No one will be left.