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'Are You a Writing Machine?'
'Or Do You Hold Beliefs, and If So, What Are They?' A Man Question From Malcolm

I have done what I can to become a writing machine, have said no to more beautiful women than I thought I'd ever have a chance at when I was decent looking. But, hell, I guess being old and ugly and not interested in women is what makes them interested in you.

In any case, I have done a lot to maximize my output. For instance, If I get stuck in a conversation with a jerk, or just a lonely person, rather then stress myself by being rude—thus nullifying the purpose of breaking off the conversation, that purpose being the husbanding of creative energy—I make it an interview, and easy interview, with nary a question asked. If you are eating up my writing time, congratulations, you become the subject.

As far as my beliefs, I have tried to describe myself as gnostic, libertarian, anarchist, Darwinist, barbarian, etc. and have failed. Let me try and make it simple. Below is my top down code, a hierarchal means of keeping this broken piece of meat on the straight and narrow.

I believe in:

1. God, a superior consciousness beyond my ability to define

2. Heroism, or dynamic sacrifice, the source of honor [suffering without the prospect of comfort or gain] to achieve an objective beyond the satisfaction of lust or passion

3. Honor, extended only to the honorable

4. Individuality, i.e. the human spirit, as the vehicle of honor

5. Union between individuals, resulting in:

6. Family or clan, the genetic basis for the tribe, the physical race, which I see as much more specific than the macro-groupings proposed by modern racists. My racial ideal is much more specific and in line with ancient cultural-based thinking, not modern material-based thinking.

7. Society or culture [meaning a shared ethos] as the collective spiritual basis for the tribe

8. The tribe, the largest possible expression of heroism, honor, authentic spirit [in that it does not erase the individual] and union.

NOTE: I see the nation as a hijacking of the tribal mechanism, an inauthentic union of a nature dependent on the negation of conquered tribal identity, society, family, union, individuality, honor and heroism. Once the unique characteristics of conquered and amalgamated tribes have been negated, the mechanism then cannibalizes the nation's root tribe in an expression of The State's one and only impulse, collective deification of the body politic, with politician as priest, dictator as prophet, etc.

An example is the fact that in the mid-1800s the dominant Anglo-Saxon protestant men at the head of the United States of America instituted public education almost solely as a means of negating Irish catholic culture. Since then, that same homogenizing, cultural-negation institution has systematically turned on the parent culture and negated its every value, with academia from kindergarten to university now defining goodness only in the negative: not white, not Christian, not masculine.

For what it is worth, Malcolm that is what I believe, as clearly as I am able to define it.

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