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Walking the Refrigerator
A Stick Fighting Method Applicable to Day-To-Day Strife

Have you ever moved a big appliance, walked a refrigerator?

You can move your opponent or antagonist the same way.

Yesterday Charles and I were sparring and he either circled or got in the pocket and beat me up. Wanting to prepare him to move a fighter who could beat him up, rather then being limited to circling and cutting passive angles, I was working on him marching me back, using forward shifts to the outside of my lead foot to get me to shift that foot into the rear, then shifting around with that in an aggressive female triangle to get me to shift the other foot back. This leaves my the option of trying to angle my retreat of even turn this into a circular dance, but keep me back on my heels.

He was having trouble grasping my coaching points while the sticks were flying. But once we dropped the sticks and did it as a push hands drill he said, "Just like walking a refrigerator, call it the refrigerator walk" which went well with the fact that this drill is meant to develop a smaller fighter's ability to angle in on a more powerful man and force him into a countermarch.

On a more generalized, primal level this session is a good example of how coaching a fighter becomes progressively more difficult as he begins to handle the opposition more easily. There are few things as damaging to a fighter's development then for him to be beating the piss out of everybody who steps in with him.

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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