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What If We Go Into Societal Collapse?
What Will You Do To Survive, To Stay Safe? A Man Question from Miriam

Miriam, those aren't on my list.

In case of a sudden and dramatic collapse of law and order, power and such here is my list:

1. Secure the location, either my work place, home or home I am visiting

2. Help the person or persons at that location develop a strategy for evacuation or holding out

3. If I was at work, I leave at this stage. If at home or visiting, I assist in the evacuation, if that is the wish of the resident. If they are holding out, I will return after completing the list. If they are evacuating they can go it on their own or come with me.

4. Megan, her daughter, her granddaughter are out of The Line of Pillage for the coming wave of urban looters. I will go to that waterfront peninsula and check on them and help the men in her neighborhood organize, letting them know what I've seen on the way, with the goal to secure her and her two dependents a place on a boat, in case the enclave needs evacuating.

5. My cousin, my son and daughter-in-law and a lady I promised to help in such an emergency all live along a 3-mile stretch of road ending at the major exodus point for northern Baltimore. I will next go to them from south to north and get them together, helping them evacuate along a secondary path that takes them past Mister Weirton's family Home and Oliver's apartment, with the goal of teaming up him and Oliver to organize a retreat along the Gunpowder Valley to some well water locations where I have friends up in the piedmont to the north and west.

6. At Sparks I will break off and head east to Harford County, where the bulk of my family lives, with three households within a mile's radius, and help. Once I am satisfied they are organized, I will walk back into Baltimore to check on any friends that stayed behind or did not make my immediate care list.

This would end day two or three, depending on circumstances.

7. I'll return to my residence and see what I could do to help the neighbors who stayed behind and hang out in the vicinity so long as my bottled water lasts. When that runs out I'll follow the Gunpowder River back out of town and hopefully link up with group one or two. If the situation has deteriorated into utter chase, I would arm myself at my residence [wrist rocket, bow & arrows, bowie knife and cargo hook]. I normally only carry a stick and small knife. If authorities are actually doing something, which means national guard, as the Baltimore PD is proven not to be functional in crisis situations, I will offer my services.

That is as far as I have played it out in my head. There is no practical way of getting the two wings of my dependent family members together and of fulfilling my commitments to fellow survival-minded friends. At this point I'd have to make a judgment call.

What drives this entire thought process is the knowledge, that of all the people I have mentioned, their are only two other reliable male combatants, Mister Weirton and Oliver. Everybody else I care about is meat without me. This means I will most likely entrust the smaller, closer to the cannibal mob, half of my family, which is far younger and foot mobile with them and devote my later stage efforts toward friends like Cookie, Alex and Crazy Martha that will probably be stranded, and ultimately retire along the only reasonable line, which would be drinkable fresh water that takes me back toward their destination, the rocky country where Baltimore and Carroll County meet near the Pennsylvania State line.

Keep in mind that the most likely scenario is a far longer process of societal breakdown, which will enable people concerned about mutual support a means of using automobiles to prepare for the massive wave of savage rape and pillage and burning that will spill out of the urban centers which our Overlords have effectively weaponized as hives for packs of feral humanoids. The upside to this is that the current raiding party method of hunting Whitey will be abandoned in a sudden collapse, as the hoodrat warriors who are now cruising suburbia on The Hunt for Whitey, have their own loved ones to care for back in the city. In a sudden collapse, the car-mobile thugs that are currently the greatest risk to the outer city liver or suburbanite will pull back to arrange for a mass migration. This will be like the ebb tide before the tsunami.

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Eirik BloodaxeFebruary 26, 2017 5:10 PM GMT+4

For me, it is simple. Which rifle? Which knife? Which sword? Which ax? Food, clothing water, medical supplies for the next few years, all met. I am already at my fortified bug out location. It's Ragnarok party time. Bring it on!