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‘The Mass Graves of Ireland’
The Most Important Interview I have Listened To: Red Ice Radio - Chris Fogarty - The Irish Holocaust

The most important fact in this broadcast is the fact that in 1847 Holocaust was used to describe the Irish extermination. The coining of the word genocide in 1945 is not used by this author, because it happened to the Irish before genocide was coined, but the word holocaust was already in use when the so-called Irish Potato Famine occurred. Genocide is the true WWII-based mass murder term, not holocaust. He used Holocaust because it was used by the Irish that survived it.

The Irish “Potato Famine” did not happen.


It did not happen.


What kind of asshole would grow only one crop on his land?

The only kind of farmer that does that is a heavily subsidized modern American farmer using petroleum-based fertilizer.

Listen to minute 39:00.

At 58+ minutes in Fogarty says what needs to be said and please listen to it.

“Removing the Food at Gunpoint”

“Five families in Ireland were allowed to live and maintain their legal personhood."


This is not what I was expecting. Oh My God, what a sick show the British Empire was. Now, in the 1640s and 50s there was a concerted effort to kill or sell into slavery every Irish native. Cromwell and his sons succeeded in removing and killing roughly 60% of all native Irish.

It is fascinating that they did the same thing 190 years later, without Solomon Kane on acid in charge.

When one considers that the entire nation of Australia grew from 150,000 deported poor folk and union activists shipped our of Great Britain that the United States would not accept after gaining independence—then this starts to add up.

I know I’ve written a lot on white slavery and the Irish flesh market, too much to read, but this will make your stomach turn my friends—yes, not much of a friend I suppose.

Based on the fact—well documented—that masses of English and Scottish people were kicked off of public lands to die in urban ghettos, be killed as British sailors and be sold into slavery in America, the Caribbean and Australia as ordered by over 100 enclosure acts [on the books] and that people from Scotland were settled into Ireland on plantations to replace the Irish—and were hence called Scotch-Irish—I find Mister Fogarty’s account accurate.

Let me repeat one set of numbers:

New Castle Delaware,1727:

50 black slaves resided in this parish

2400 Irish were sold [in this one year]

New Castle Delaware, 1729:

The Pennsylvania Assembly, panicked by the number of Irish servants, posted a twenty shilling tax in Irish sold.

20 shillings equals a pound

15 pounds was the price of a servant

4 pounds or 40 shilling [2 pounds] were the common rewards offered for an escaped Irish slave.

A black slave cost 25-45 pounds.

In this year, 4,500 servants “mostly from Ireland” were sold in this port!

The two voices on this recording are baffled by the class-based nature of Irish/Anglo-Saxon society.

Hendrick is much sharper than this old guy and is a disappointed Pagan when Fogarty waxes Christian. But Catholicism later stood in for paganism because paganism was preserved within Catholicism.

This story is an excellent example of how materialism wins out in the end.

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