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Diversity on The Resting Mat
Trinity’s Transgender Boy Wins Texas Girls State Wrestling Crown

Better living through chemistry. No technique, he was just muscling it. But really, the dude beat a bunch of girls, so what? LOL!

Now all the girl wrestlers will want to take testosterone, eh? For that matter lets quit pretending. If we are going to let high school kids assign their own genders and take hormones, why not let all athletes, both amateur and pro, take all the performance enhancing substances they want? It might even increase scholastic athletic participation. They could increase the number of leagues as well; have one doped and one dope-free. Something for everyone. Imagine what this could do for the Olympic Games?

This is another battle in the culture war that is making more and more people countenance the breakup of the country into separate polities. People are simply growing weary of being at the mercy of tiny groups of mentally ill grievance mongers for the sake of political correctness. The majority is constantly forced to change everything it is doing to suit these malcontents. Let these people have their own country where they can turn everything upside down as much and as often as they want. It’s why God-Emperor Trump was elected, in hopes he could put a stop to the societal chaos or at least push it back some. Interesting enough it’s now the radical Left that is agitating the most for secession because they feel like they can’t get their way at all under Trump. As Anonymous Conservative observes, society at large tolerates this sort of behavior now simply because resources are abundant and nobody sees the harm in expending them to placate people who want to live bizarre "alternative” lifestyles. We’ve got nothing but time and money now. Until we run out of both, that is. When resources become scarce then attitudes will harden and the alternative people will be told to take a hike and quit bothering everybody with their foolishness.

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