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Life in Dindustan - Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 People Fight In City Island Restaurant

Why we can’t have nice things anymore. Even on City Island they can’t escape from the vibrant diversity of the Bronx, eh?

The restaurant ought to remodel completely and go with picnic benches bolted to the floor. Then the patrons would have no reason to fear getting hit by a flying chair. Even light plastic patio chairs, like the restaurant has at present. Picnic benches secured to the floor would provide good solid cover too; you could hide under them whenever the dindus start throwing stuff. Then when the cops responded they would quickly be able to separate the sheep from the goats at a glance and give anyone not hiding under the tables a hickory scalp massage. Otherwise the only solution the community leaders can come up with is to pull the restaurant’s liquor license. As usual, punish the people who had nothing to do with causing the problem.

“One woman was described her experience as the fight broke out when she was eating dinner. “It was like out of control, honestly — I can’t believe that people would even act that way,” the woman said, “I was really scared.” Police responded to a 911 call around 10:15 p.m. Thursday for a fight in progress. Once officers arrived, the melee had broken up. But longtime customer Chrissy Monroe said this was not the first fight she has seen at the restaurant. “I’ve seen three fights over the years,” Monroe said. “I was sitting down with my food and a chair literally flew by my face.” As diners packed the restaurant on an unseasonably warm February Friday night 24 hours later, they were greeted by this new sign stating the bar would be closing at 6 p.m. until further notice.”

Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 People Fight In City Island Restaurant

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ShepMarch 1, 2017 12:16 AM GMT+4

Meanwhile, in the Heartland, two barbers cut down a robber. BARBERS. CUT down a robber. (Taps mic: Is this thing on?)

Even a little plan goes a long way...