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Not Nazi Germany, But Rat Infested, Still
By Andrew Ryan

UK Tory MP Pauline Latham has shown some spirited resistance against the New World Order philosophy of open borders, by claiming that the Dubs Amendment, regarding refugees, would act as a “pull factor” and encourage more so-called refugees to flood into Europe. The best thing that the UK could do is to push to ensure that refugees remained in their homelands. “We should stop being so sentimental and be looking at what [is] the best thing to do for these families and children and that is keep them in the region,” she said during an emergency House of Commons debate over the scrapping of the Dubs amendment.”

Latham also said that France is not “Nazi Germany.”

“These children are not under threat of murder, they are in safe countries, [and] the governments [of those countries] should be dealing with [them].”

If France is “rat-infested,” it has nothing to do with Britain, she chirped.

Good to see some old-fashioned cannon fire from Britain, a nation that has been severely cucked and fucked for centuries.

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