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Coffee Colored
By Andrew Ryan

Coffee house Starbucks was one company that was first off the mark to oppose president Trump’s temporary hold on immigration from seven countries which had been flagged by the Obama administration as being a source of terrorists. It then announced that it would hire 10,000 Muslim refugees in response. However, if Starbucky feels so morally superior, why hadn’t it employed these migrants before? Why not 20,000, 50,000? Why not have an entire Muslim staff, including senior management?

Why, indeed. The company has discovered that perception levels of the Starbuck’s brand fell by two-thirds since its politically correct announcement:

Before the announcement, 30 percent of people interviewed said that they would consider buying coffee at Starbucks, but after the announcement, this figure dropped to a staff-sacking 24 percent:

They could have employed US military veterans, or even given poorer African Americans a chance for some job, but that is not the way the game is played now:

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