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To Invest Your Money Wisely: In Terrorist Cells!
By William Rapier

An addition to the contemporary theater of the absurd is this story:

A British suicide bomber was given a government payout of up to £1million after being released from Guantanamo. He did not go and blow it all on hot blonds and fancy fast cars, but set up a terrorist cell in Manchester, at least according to leaked ISIS documents. Just to be sure I got all the names right, I cut this description from the above article: “Jamal Al-Harith, who was born in Manchester, was recommended to the terror group by Raphael Hostey, a 24-year-old jihadi based in the northern city. Hostey is thought to have encouraged dozens of British Muslims to travel to Syria—including close friends Mohammad Azzam Javeed and Anil Khalil Raoufi—before being killed in a drone strike last May.”

UK ministers said that they would seek to reclaim some of the £20million handed out to 17 former Guantanamo prisoners if any of that money was used to for terrorism.

Talk about a society digging its own grave.

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