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Hollywood Could Not Organize a Good Shit!
By Eirik Bloodaxe

One of the few phrases I remember my old man saying, when he was less drunk, and not trying to beat up/ and / or murder me and my mother, was someone was so incompetent that they could not organize a good shit.

I had gone to the gym and even though it is hard-core with some big serious guys who take masses of drugs, some training with syringes still sticking from their skin, like porcupines, the ladies want to have a big screen TV playing, to help their breast development, so plays it does. You can’t hear anything, not that I would want to, but the politically correct fuckwits are there for mass consumption.

My youngest daughter was with me, she on the on the treadmill, me squatting, and drew my attention to the Oscars fuck up. Hopefully, I have this right, but the movie La La Land was announced as best picture and the entire crew, janitors included, took to the stage to get their hands on a gold dildo. However, it was a mistake and the award should have gone to the movie Moonlight. The error was due to the wrong card being handed to presenter Warren Beatty. Yep, nobody checked things. Yeah, who cares?

Ha, Ha, Ha, you fuckers! These sort of people want to take down Donald Trump. But they couldn’t organize a good shit!

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