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The Witches of Washington DC
By Andrew Ryan

The disgusting globalist, libtard, ethno-multicult blah blahs, are getting so desperate to stop Trump, and you and me, and our cats, that they have now resorted to black magic, although I suspect there is probably a wee bit of Satanic ritual and child sacrifice, and drinking the blood of slayed virgin White children, performed in the corridors of power in Washington DC – between slices of thick “pizza” with freshly melted cheese etc. etc. After that sentence, which the stupid cunt of a grammar check of Microsoft Word says is “too long,” and with “passive voices” everywhere, regardless of literary effect, I am almost too tired to write the fuckin’ article, but…

The witches of the US have flown in on their feminist broomsticks to cast a spell on President Donald J. Trump to remove him from office. The spells are to be cast (Gates: what is so “passive voice” about “to cast,” stuff you) on crescent moons, beginning on March 26, and they will keep on casting spells until something bad happens to Trump – or one better, something bad happens to them:

Hey, speaking of witches, ever wondered why witches were burnt at the stake? Surely, it was all just misogyny and vagina-fear, wasn’t it? Not so sure? Then blow the dust off this internet site from 1487, and feast your bulging would-be fanatical eyes on the theological ruminations of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, Malleus Maleficarum, (“Hammer of Witches”),(1487; Cosimo Classics, New York, 2007; also at

After drinking about a half a bottle of Jack Daniels, this all made sense. Too much sense.

Until about the end of the Enlightenment, most educated people, the scientists, professors, theologicians and philosophers accepted that witches existed and did the work of the devil:

The requirement of burning at the stake was as common then as burning at the metaphorical stake is today for heretics like all of us.

I imagine when the final societal collapse comes, and the remnant revert back to complete savagery, a la drinking sacrificial blood from human skulls, the few who can still read a little, will have such decaying books on their bookshelves, sagging reservoirs of lost knowledge, made from human bones salvaged from burnings, duct-taped together.

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ShepFebruary 28, 2017 4:55 PM UTC

This tasty little tramp is stirrin' up a cauldron full o' ooga-booga to relieve her internalized guilt for a lifetime of bad choices: