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Kalifornication Dreamin’
On Such a Politically Correct Day By William Rapier

As you all know California is a rogue state which has already defected from the West, and continues to roll down the road of politically correct ruin. Officials in three sanctuary cities in the non-white majority state, Los Angeles (why was this originally given a Latino name, unless the plan was for it to fall back into Mexico?), San Francisco and Sacramento, have pledged to fight Trump’s immigration laws, by refusing to even hand over criminal illegal aliens to federal immigration authorities. Trump has threatened to defund these cities, and even the entire state if necessary:

The elite have just laughed this threat off:, basically arguing that Congress has control of these funds, and anyway, the courts will back them.

There is also a counter-threat of secession. On that, I believe that the sooner all of America’s problems are herded into California, and the borders sealed, and the state collected in the next hard rubbish, the better. Expel California from the United States, just get rid of the rotten carcass. Instead, the US needs to seriously consider (splitting the infinitive) my proposal that Australia become a state of America. This is in America’s strategic interests in containing China, because China is already colonizing Australia, and this continent and its vast resources will ultimately become part of the Chinese empire. Australia is the key to America fighting China in the Asia-Pacific region. If Americans can agree on this, it would be so much easier to fight for Australia becoming a state of the great USA here in this Chinese outpost.

In this context, it is interesting to note that Queen Elizabeth II wants America to become an “associate member” of the Commonwealth, and Donald Trump, given his love for the UK, may work on making this happen: This is a step in the right direction in creating a more unified Anglo-sphere, although the Commonwealth itself, a colonial multicult construct, needs to be abandoned, along with the non-White countries in it. It would be far better for the West to march under America’s lead, because America, despite its problems, is still a superior nation to all of the others. I hope that Australia can be the first country to do this, and that I live long enough to become an American. Maybe Britain should become a state of America after Queen Lizzy carks it and the whole place goes even more bat crazy under wacko “I wish I was a tampon” Charles:

Finally, if Trump cannot defund sanctuary cities, then he should consider using federal laws to simply round up illegals via federal authorities. Bring in the army, navy, air force, Area 51 Roswellian UFO black weapons and Majestic 12 time travel, teleportation and exotic propulsion system flying teacups, tanks, armored vehicles, attack black helicopters, fighter jets, migrant magnets, related conspiratorial bullshit, and nukes if necessary.

Bring it all in, and bring ‘em all down!

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ShepMarch 3, 2017 2:54 AM UTC

It would seem that this would be applicable to the governors and mayors in question, as well:
ShepMarch 2, 2017 8:47 PM UTC

Not only did Ike round up and ship out over a million illegal aliens in the sensitively-named Operation Wetback, but he also used the 101st Airborne to enforce federal edicts at gunpoint. (How he got around the Posse Comitatus provisions, I do not know...some sort of ledgerdemain with the Insurrection Act of 1807?)

Interestingly enough, the Constitution treats the Army and Navy differently for purposes of Posse Comitatus. That is why George Bush I deployed the USMC to L.A. in 1992, since the Marines are part of the Navy—some would say the best part.

So there is precedent for your proposal, because the sanctified cities certainly seem to be in a state of "insurrection or rebellion". If I were a SciFi novelist like James, I would speculate about what would happen if Governor Moonbeam or Seattle's Mayor McCheese ordered the CHP and WSP to resist the Feds...