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Phil B. from Down Under Tracking Hate

The comments regarding sentences handed out to Trump haters are worth reading ...


Phil, this paleface with the suspect last name and his dame seem like sad sacks. But 28 years? What they did is similar to what blacks do to me on the bus about twice a year, when they threaten to kill me for being white. The judge could have come down with something much more appropriate.

White couple weep as judge gives them 28 years in prison for interrupting a black child's eighth birthday party with Confederate flags, racist slurs and armed threats

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Sam J.March 2, 2017 8:05 PM UTC

"...Driving around drunk, waving flags, in someone else's neighborhood, brandishing a shotgun is defense?..."

Where is it said that they were drunk? It occurs to me that it's a pattern of Whites when they get fed up to mass in group and openly challenge their foes. Whereas Blacks sulk around with 2 or 3 people and attack innocent people for profit. Which is more worthy? Why do you not condemn one type of attacking innocent people and equate riding down the road with Confederate flags as the same? I'm not saying this is a good idea but it hurts no one. One thing they don't mention is the Blacks started throwing rocks at their cars. That's when the Nigger screaming began.

If it's not ok for Whites to not have Confederate flags then why should Blacks be allowed in White neighborhoods at all?

What I'm saying is their is NO equivalency. If there were then Blacks who attacked Whites, and notice NO Blacks were attacked,then they should get 30 or 40 years for stomping someone. Do they? No.

The State is picking sides.
responds:March 3, 2017 2:46 PM UTC

The CNN news story said this and didn't dwell on, pointing out that it was part of a holiday celebration. We will have Jeremy unearth the fact of the case. I only did a quick read of two articles and it may turn out as Mescaline Franklin said, that the entire case was made up and the Torres fellow never left his back yard. He called me telling me that the whole story was basically fake news.

Let's see what the facts are in this case, Sam.

One of things I am very critical of here as that yahoos driving round waving the Stars and Bars and frightening the sacred negroes will just give politicians and your banker friends and excuse to outlaw the flag all together.

As far as equivalency and fairness, I do not believe in these things and do not operate in under the delusion that they exist.

You are absolutely right about the State picking sides—the State always picks sides.
Sam J.March 1, 2017 10:43 PM UTC

This made me so angry my heart starting pounding and I had to take pills to calm down. Combined with Ramos (Univision network) comments their it's their, (Hispanics), country not Americans I damn near had a stroke. Maybe we should just go ahead and have good blood soaking civil war and see. If this is the way it's going to be when they still aren't the majority think of the actions when they are.

I repeat to James again, THIS is why Whites aren't fighting back. 35 years for cursing and driving around with a Confederate flag???? This is why people abandon Black areas. I hoping to change James perception on this. Blaming Whites for not wanting severe jail sentences for fighting back is like blaming the Irish slaves for not overthrowing their masters and running away instead. The whole societies judicial system was slanted against them. In this case would you say,"well the Irish were just a bunch of pussies and not men at all". I don't think this is a proper comparison and I don't think it's true. Let's have another example. If a young boy is beaten by his drunken father and runs away is he to blame for not fighting his father to the death? Is he a pussy and no good? People see what is going on and are just acting in their best interest. They try to legally control the situation but the Jews are blackmailing the Legislatures with kiddie fucking so it's extremely difficult to fight. I bet that judge is a kiddie fucker. The sentence he passed down is a direct shot at Whites. We need to find out what "child services" he's involved with. I bet he's on some kind of youth group charity scam. A "service" to the community.
responds:March 2, 2017 12:19 PM UTC

Driving around drunk, waving flags, in someone else's neighborhood, brandishing a shotgun is defense?

Sam, what always seems to happen when whites get sick of being preyed upon by blacks is they go after the wrong blacks. Skinheads in Baltimore, in the 80s, who did they attack, besides white people, black kids [little kids] collecting money for a charity. Very often the blacks that attack whites come from a distance, then the whites strike out at the nearest black concentration, which usually consists if the blacks who are trying to get away from the blacks who are preying on whites from across town now that their staple prey species have fled.

If a young boy is beaten by his drunken father he should wait for the old bastard to fall asleep and then pour Drano down his throat.
Sam J.March 1, 2017 4:37 PM UTC

"28 years?"

That's unbelievable. You can kill someone and get less time.