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‘Hair Much Frizzled’
Another Runaway Wench

Mary Keys seems little valued for a runaway 20-year-old servant girl, rating few words in the ad and but a small reward. Perhaps it was her bad complexion. She appears to have been barefoot, which was common for servants, especially in summer.

July 29, 1762

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the Subscriber on the 19th Instant July, an indented Servant Girl, named MARY KEYS, born in Ireland, about 20 Years of Age, middle Stature, supposed had on when she went away, a green Gown, and striped Linsey Woolsey Petticoat, much pitted with the Small Pox, black Eyes and Hair, her Hair much frizzled.

Whoever takes up, and secures the said Servant, so that her Master may have her again, shall receive Thirty Shillings Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by JOHN WHARTON, near the Swedes Church. [1]


1. The Swedish community of the Delaware River Valley was founded in 1638.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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